Monday, August 19, 2013


I recently had the opportunity to try some of BA STAR top selling products. The stardust eyeshadow in chocolate, and the body shimmer base. I'm very familiar with BA STAR'S products, a lot of  cheerleaders use this brand during competitions. You can see the vibrant colors on camera, and how long lasting it is. The Stardust was highly pigmented, and came on smoothly. You don't even have to apply too much. Just two layers give it that vivacious look you're trying to get. Also the shimmer base makes the eyeshadow even more dynamic! The shimmer base comes in a tube sort of like a lip gloss, and before you apply your eyeshadow, take the shimmer base and smooth it across your eyelid. Similar to how you would with an eye primer, then apply the eyeshadow afterwards. The best thing about the shimmer base is you don't need to let it sit for a few minutes to dry! You can immediately apply the eyeshadow after applying your base.  I'm in love with the shimmer base, I can definitely use this as a primer for all my eye shadow's! You guys can't miss out on this! Check out now, and even get your first sample! Don't forget to come back. Let me know what you guys think about BA STAR'S products. I love it, and the shimmer base is my favorite out of the two products I received.
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