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"Born in 1948,[2] she is the only child of Jules Buck (1917–2001), an American film producer, who moved his family to Europe in 1952 in reaction to the political repression in the United States at the time.[3] Her mother, Joyce Ruth Getz (aka Joyce Gates, died 1996), was a modelactress, and interior designer.[4][5] John Huston, for whom her father worked as a cameraman,[3] was the best man at her parents' 1945 wedding. Her first language is French and she identifies as Jewish. Joan Juliet Buck is an American writer and actress. She was the editor-in-chief of French Vogue from 1994 to 2001, the only American ever to have edited a French magazine.[1] She writes for W magazine and Harper's Bazaar, among other publications and was contributing editor to Vogue and Vanity Fair for many years. The author of two novels, she published a memoir, The Price of Illusion, in March 2017."

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Joan Juliet Buck new Memoir "The Price Of Illusion"

Joan Juliet Buck portrays Katherine Grant in CW hit series Supergirl .Katherine Grant is one of The Co Leaders of The Grant Family she's The Mother of Cat Grant

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The Price Of Illusion 

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Things are starting to get glamorous and incredibly Awkward for Megan Morrison as she begins her new Hollywood life as Kyle West's perfect girlfriend.

The Kiss - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 3

After breaking several rules in her contract, Megan thought she ruined her chances at being the future Mrs. West. Things in Megan's life finally seemed to be at ease. Or are they...

The Arrangement 103

Moments after being offered the lead role in Kyle West's upcoming movie - Megan's nude pictures were leaked during Kyle's private event. Having your nude pictures being leaked is bad enough on its own, but with the leak, it breached the morality clause in her contract. Her new beginning is quickly coming to an end due to the rumor; she leaked the photos herself.

The Pictures - The Arrangement Season 1 Episode 3

OUCH! How is Megan going to handle it when she finds out her Best Friend not only tried to get with Kyle, but she's the one who leaked her photos and potentially ruined her career.

Seems like Megan's BFF isn't the only one who went against her. Kyle agreed with his producers and replaced Megan in his upcoming film for a more noble star.

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After finishing the thirteen episode series, I have to say I was blown away by the show. I enjoyed every episode of the series. It felt like a great blend of all previous shows we've had so far. There were the investigation and manipulation elements we've seen in Jessica Jones, the coming to terms with your past and learning how to cope with a loss like Luke Cage, and the hard-hitting action of Daredevil. Now let's get into the story of the living weapon, the Iron Fist. 

Of course, to make the story fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe a few things had to be altered in the Iron Fist mythos. The show does an excellent job of presenting Danny's origin story. Now a lot of people are criticizing the origin story for it's similarity to Green Arrow. What I want people to remember is there is only a finite amount of ways a hero obtains their powers. A number of heroes are wealthy and have had some form of tragedy happen to them Batman, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange, Green Arrow, Iron Man, and Black Panther to name a few. The story continues to tell the Journey of the Iron Fist a living weapon who's duty is to defeat The Hand. Danny comes back home and discovers that The Hand is right here. With the help of his friend, Danny finally goes up against the one thing he's been training to defeat.

In my opinion, the strongest aspect of this show is its characters. I left the series being a tremendous fan of Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). I'm hoping the people at Marvel are planning to create the Daughters of the Dragon series. In addition to this, I think the fighting in the show was phenomenal. Now I know a lot of people think the fighting in Daredevil was better, and I'd agree with them. The fighting in Iron Fist had to be different to put itself apart from Daredevil. Iron Fist and Daredevil had different teachers, and have different motivations when they fight. Iron Fist is a more disciplined fighter and only fights when he must, while Daredevil is an Avenger (not that kind) he fights to keep the streets safe. 

If you haven't seen Iron Fist yet or just read bad reviews about it, I suggest you take a look for yourself you won't be disappointed. 

Seemingly out of nowhere Sony has announced they'll be releasing a standalone Venom movie next year. We first heard rumblings of this film's development last year, but we are blown away to hear that this film will be in theaters October 5th of next year. Little is known about this movie thus far other than the script is being drafted by screenwriters Scott Rosenburg and Jeff Pinker. The film will have no connection to Spiderman: Homecoming and will exist outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Venom character, or your only knowledge of him comes from Topher Grace's portrayal in Spiderman 3 let me fill you in on the backstory of Venom. Venom was created back in '82 by a comic book fan who wanted to see Spiderman in a different costume. Marvel paid the fan $220 (~$565 today) for his idea. The black symbiote suit was created by a machine that fabricates any type of clothing the user can think of. It wasn't until Peter Parker took the costume to Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic) for examination, that they found out the clothing was alive. Since then Venom was gone from being one of Spiderman's greatest villains to an anti-hero (like Wolverine or The Punisher), and most recently an agent of shield. 

There are a few different directions this film can go in, depending on how the symbiote arrives on Earth and who the symbiote bonds with.The Venom movie is expected to be released on October 5, 2018. I can't wait to see how this film will come out. My fingers are crossed for Carnage to finally make his debut and be the villain for this movie.