With the success of Deadpool talks of a sequel were in the works before the film left theaters. The Deadpool universe is beginning to expand further with the introduction of  Domino (Zazie Beetz). This week we've been treated to the first photos of Beetz portraying Domino.  

Domino is a major character in the Deadpool comics, but not exactly a household name as the other mutants in the Marvel Universe. In short, Domino is the result of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop the perfect weapon. Domino has the power to alter the probability of events in her favor meaning she can give herself "good luck" and also give her opponents "bad luck." Furthermore, she's a superb markswoman has extensive training in various armed combat techniques and the martial arts, with Olympic-gold level athletic and acrobatic ability. Needless to say, she'll have no trouble keeping up with Deadpool.

Personally, I think Zazie looks amazing as Domino. Many fans have voiced their concerns about her not looking like her comic book counterpart. To me, this seems like a more realistic portrayal of the character. Rarely does an actor actually looks exactly like their comic book counterpart so it would be hypocritical to start calling things out now. Zazie looks great, and I can't wait to see her Ryan Renolds (Deadpool) and Josh Brolin (Cable) in Deadpool 2.   

Deadpool 2 Release Date: June 1st, 2018

Marvel has been leading the way in entertainment for the last decade and its only getting better. From the movies to the television shows, Marvel treats all of its properties with care. The stories and characters are so well crafted it makes me want more after watching. At SDCC '17 we were blessed with first looks at new show trailers and the latest installment of the MCU. So take a look at some of the first looks at many of the shows and upcoming movie. Enjoy!!

Thor: Ragnarok

The Defenders


The Gifted

DC Entertainment is seriously crushing it right now. All the shows are amazing, and I'm so excited they are finally returning. I always struggle to find something to watch when my shows end, but I won't be feeling that way for long. At SDCC '17 we were treated with dozens of sneak peeks and trailers for all of the shows. So take a look at some of the first looks at many of the shows newest seasons. Enjoy!!

The Flash Season 4

Supergirl Season 3

Arrow Season 6

Preacher Season 2

Lucifer Season 3

Gotham Season 4

Riverdale Season 2

The new JUSTICE LEAGUE trailer was shown at SDCC, and it's was absolutely everything DCEU fans have been waiting for. Epic team-up action, humor, more character screen time and, finally, a glimpse at the film's villain Steppenwolf. It looks like the JL is going to have their hands full dealing with this new threat. 

I was blown away by this new trailer. Ezra Miller is hilarious as the Flash; his naivete will make him the heart of this movie. Jason Momoa as Aquaman is the badass portrayal the character has always needed. It was insane when he surfs on a body falling from the sky through a building. Gal Gadot returns as Wonder Woman she's as powerful and beautiful as the last time we saw her. She's ready to take out as many enemies as she can. Ben Affleck proves once again he's the greatest Batman we've had thus far. He's taking charge and being the leader the Justice League needs. As the only member of the team with no powers, he shows that he can still fight side by side with the other heroes. So far we've had a glimpse of only five members of the team, but the tagline for the film has consistently been "Unite The Seven." It's no surprise that Superman will be making his return, but toward the end of the trailer, we see Alfred talking to another hero. My guess is the seventh member of the team will be Green Lantern. This movie looks like it is going to be amazing.

JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives November 17