I've decided to take a short break from playing Injustice 2 and check up on what is happening in the Injustice comics. Now I know the DC fandom has been split when it comes to the Injustice series. Many people dislike it for its chaotic storyline that doesn't always follow the storyline of the game. I personally love the Injustice series. It's giving a lot of screen time to heroes that rarely get it, and it's blurring the lines between good and evil. I love seeing a tyrannical Superman using fear to control the world. 

While reading through the most recent issues, I was floored by the reveal of a new female villain. Her name is Athanasia Al Ghul, daughter of Talia Al Ghul and Batman. Athanasia looks to be around Damian's age so we can assume Talia and Batman's relationship didn't end as quickly as we might have originally thought.
I always love the introduction of a new character in the DC universe. The Bat Family is growing more and more as the time grows. I hope Athanasia makes a main DCU appearance in Rebirth. Athanasia Al Ghul is Batman's third daughter. His two other daughters were an Earth-2 daughter he had with Catwoman named Helena Wayne, and the next is his adopted daughter Cassandra (Cain) Wayne. I'd love to see a Daughters of the Bat series in the future with the girls. For now, I'm really interested in her interaction with her brother and how Batman will take this news. 
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Tonight we got to see the season finale of The Flash. This has been my favorite season of The Flash so far. It was an emotional episode from beginning to end. Just when you think Team Flash has everything figured out they hit you right where it hurts. 

*Caution Major Spoilers Ahead*

The episode picks up moments after the death of Iris. Every member of Team Flash is in distraught and in tears. It is revealed that HR and Iris switched places, and it was his body laying in Barry's arms. I glad they didn't tease the reveal and started the episode with the answer to the questions With Iris no longer in danger, Savitar is going to fade away from the timeline. Barry tries to convince Savitar to stay and join the team. Savitar wants to join the team but ultimately knows he won't be accepted and can't be with Iris. Savitar tries to become a god before his time is up, but is stopped by Jay Garick. Now the full Team Flash is here. Savitar attempts to kill each member of the team, and seeing Cisco in trouble Caitlyn comes to here senses and saves him. Barry separates Savitar from his armor making him vulnerable. Barry spares him, but of course, Savitar tries to kill Barry. Savitar is then killed by Iris.

Now with Savitar dead and Iris saved Team Flash can finally have a time of peace. This lasts about an hour. A speed force lightning storm attacks the city. Causing major earthquakes and lightning raining down from the skies. The speedforce needs someone to be trapped in it. Barry volunteers he says his goodbyes and walks into the speedforce disappearing. 

Now with this season over I still have so many questions. What will happen to Caitlyn? She says she's no longer Killer Frost, but she still has her powers. Will she become the hero known as Ice? If so can we see a Fire and Ice team up in the future? Did the speedforce lightning hit anyone in the storm? If so can we see a new speedster in the future? Next season the showrunners said there won't be a speedster villain, but maybe this storm caused the villain for season five. What will the team do without Barry will Wally step up and become The Flash?Now I need the answer to the much bigger question which Earth will the next HR come from?

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Starting June 7th Iceman  Robert "Bobby" Drake steps out into the cold with an all-new solo X-Men series written by Sina Grace (All-New X-Men Annual, Self-Obsessed) coupled with artwork by Alessandro Vitti (Avengers Arena, Secret Warriors) with Marvel Comics’ ICEMAN #1.If you are unfamiliar with Bobby Drake, let me fill you in on what makes him so cool. Iceman is an Omega-level mutant and one of the original members of the X-Men, and a founding member of the Champions. Iceman debuted all the way back in 1963 in the X-men issue #1. 

As the name suggests Iceman's mutant ability involves ice, but its a little more complex than that. Iceman has the ability to lower his external and internal body temperature, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Also, Iceman can freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and form simple objects such as slides, ladders, shields, and bats. Now don't underestimate Iceman's powers he is an omega level mutant for a reason. Iceman could potentially destroy entire ecosystems and send the world into the ice age. In the X-men universe, the power levels of individual mutants, range from Epsilon to Alpha, with the added Omega being at the top. There are hundreds of mutants, but only eleven mutants that have been classified as being omega-level. 

Iceman has a long history in comics, and I'm really excited to see where they take him as a character. I've been a huge fan of Iceman since way back in the X-men Legends days, and I've always been a huge fan of members of a team getting their own solo titles. Iceman has accomplished so much over the years being a member of some of Marvel's most famous teams, and this solo run allows him to build his legacy into something so much more! Another interesting aspect of this solo run is there is a  younger version of himself from the timestream added into the mix. 

In this new ongoing series, it’s time for Bobby Drake to realizes that it’s now or never, and sets out to build a life and legacy he can be proud of…and be the best ICEMAN he can be!

ICEMAN #1 will be in stores June 7th be sure to pick it up. I know I'll be buying a copy and that variant shouting out another famous Bobby. 

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My favorite types of Marvel comics events are those that have been building for months across a bevy of titles. Events like Civil War, Avengers Disassembled, and Infinity War all changed the landscape of the Marvel universe. Colossal events such as these involve all the biggest heroes, and the aftermath of these events shaped the future of the Marvel universe. It’s time for out heroes to stand together against Hydra and the forces of evil, but how can the heroes of the Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted figure among them? And what will this mean for the world? Marvel is pleased to present an exclusive trailer devoted to the devastating first arc of this blockbuster series!

It’s the story that has shocked the world. Captain America is an Agent of Hydra?! Now superstar creators Nick Spencer, Daniel Acuna, Steve McNiven, Andrea Sorrentino, Rod Reis, Leinil Yu, and more, bring you the most ground shaking Marvel saga ever – SECRET EMPIRE! Available now in comic stores everywhere.

As Hydra’s tentacles tighten around the world, Steve Rogers’ seemingly full-proof plan for global domination begins. Can the heroes of the Marvel Universe find the cracks within the foundation of Hydra’s control or will they ultimately succumb to the power of one of their most trusted allies?

This is a must have for any comic book fan. These events are the source material for some of our favorite movies. Civil War and Infinity War are two films apart of the MCU. Now if the rumors are true the heroes of the Netflix Marvel series will be coming to the MCU. To me, that sounds like the Secret Empire might be seen on the big screen in the future so you are definitely going to want to get your hands on these issues.

SECRET EMPIRE #0 and SECRET EMPIRE #1 are both Available Digitally through the Marvel Digital Comic Shop and at all local comic book retailers. 

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