Saturday, August 3, 2013

victorias secret extreme lip plumper, makeup wipes and hair spray review

Buying lingerie and lotions aren't the only amazing things in Victoria's Secret. Their beauty products have always been phenomenal to me, and I'm ecstatic that I get to try these products. I'm already familiar with Victoria's Secret lip plumper. I've used the original in baby pink forever. It never irritated my lips, and gave the a nice pink tone. So when I saw that I got the extreme, I was more than excited to see the results. This one doesn't have any color to it. It's clear like a normal gloss, and I honestly didn't feel any stinging until I wiped it off my lips. It wasn't a harsh sting though, very light. I wouldn't say you're going to see a dramatic change, but  you will see your lips become fuller. The hair spray is amazing too, I didn't need to double sprays, once did just fine. It didn't even leave my hair feeling hard and stiff. It still felt nice and soft with a good firm hold. I also love how the nozzle is designed. I can tell it won't easily break. the makeup wipes weren't as moist as I'm used to compared to other wipes, but I will say one did the job very well. Removed basically everything off my face! 


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