Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not only save a life, save a smile. Breast Cancer Awareness

My name is Reana Ashley and I am raising funds to help with the National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need. 

I lost my Mother at the age of 21 last year on September 6, 2012. Even though it was not, because of breast cancer she was very sick, and needed a heart transplant in order to survive. She didn't get a heart transplant, and ended up passing away. I wasn't the same since. I always wished someone could of helped me save my mother, but since mine is no longer here, I intend to help those who are trying to keep theirs. So many mommy's out there are fighting to survive from breast cancer. Their strength, and motivation to fight for the sake of their loved ones is so moving and heart warming. I may not be able to raise millions, but i'll do anything to raise even a penny to save a child's mother.
In loving memory of my mother, I will use the only thing she gave me which is the gift of painting for this entire month of October  to help raise money for breast cancer.
So yes my intentions are not only to save a life, but to save a childs smile.

 So please guys, donating 10 cents will help go towards someones mom. My entire page will be dedicated to them, helping them raise money. In return to you all I will be hosting giveaways, and doing looks that are also inspiring and touching, not only scary :) and cool things that would make a child smile. I pray that this fundraiser will be a success, because everyone deserves to smile. & If you are someone who has breast cancer or loved one does, I will also be giving away something special out of my own pocket to 20 people who are suffering from breast cancer. Lets turn this Halloween into something special.. Lets make a change.
Doesn't every Mom deserve to take their child out for Halloween?

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