Friday, October 4, 2013

Taya Beauty Discovery Kit Review

So guys, taking care of your hair is really important! Especially those of you who are trying to maintain human hair extensions! So you're already aware that finding the perfect hair products might seem as if its impossible. I've been on the hunt for the perfect products, and have been introduced to "Taya I am". I've never been so pleased in my life! This brand brought my hair back to life. This company was so nice to allow me to try out their brand. Which is great, because times are tough! So when it comes to my hair and spending money, it has to be great! I received the discovery kit which is basically a variety of all their products in one huge box. I was already excited just from the packaging it came in! All of their products was placed nicely, and organized on top of confetti. Which shows their appreciation, because some companies just wrap it in bubble paper, and that it! I love how Taya I am actually is concerned about your needs. 
Inside the discovery kit I received 
  1. Amazon White Clay Shampoo
  2. Amazon White Clay Hair Spray
  3.  Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay (Moose)
  4. Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay Hair Plumper
  5. Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay Conditioner
  6. Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay Medium Hold Hair Spray
  7. Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay Leave in Mist
  8. Amazon White Clay Whipped Clay Styling Creme 
Could you believe the amount of products that are in this kit? It's everything you basically need to maintain your hair! The important question is though, is does it WORK? Well I can actually say that it does! To start off let me tell you that everything in this kit is unprocessed,raw, and of course NATURAL! No chemicals what so ever to damage your hair, and ruin that beautiful bounce if you're wearing extensions like me. Taya also is cruelty free, and does not test their products on animals at all. The two products inside the discovery kit that I was most concerned about was the shampoo, and conditioner of course, and oh my god! It left my hair feeling so soft! I couldn't believe how soft it was, I haven't even touched the conditioner yet, and the shampoo already had my hair feeling, and smelling good. The conditioner just finished it off with a silk touch. I promise you, I felt like giving my hair another wash, because of how good it felt. After i finished washing my hair i added some leave in mist before getting ready to dry my hair. The smell was so heavenly, and combing my hair was a breeze! The only products I wasn't too crazy about though was the styling cream, moose, and the firm hair spray, because  I really don't like putting too much products on my extensions, but I will try them when my extensions are out. I don't really recommended putting that many products on your extensions for those asking if they can. Putting too much on your extensions won't give your hair that natural bounce, and beautiful look. It will just look old quicker, and a very unpleasant look. That's with using too much with all brands, not just Taya. The other products I did use though was the medium hair spray, and hair plumper! The medium hair spray wasn't too harsh, and didn't leave my extensions feeling hard, and rough! It was just a good amount to hold my curls! The hair plumper I must say did leave my hair looking much fuller, and bouncy! I loved that it could give me that just leaving the salon touch to it. All in all I really enjoyed this discovery kit, and would recommend this brand to anyone looking in achieving beautiful hair.

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