Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Have a Happy New Year!

Hey Dolls,
I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope all your new years resolutions for 2014 was completed.. if not theres plenty of time to start over this new year :) . I want to thank you all for being loyal readers/viewers on my blog as well as youtube. I know I havent been blogging for awhile, I was in the middle of school, along with some personal issues, but all of that is done now and I have plenty of time to put more focus on you guys! Theres so many things I want to talk to you all about, and things I want to review! Especially dealing with my likes and DISLIKES. I also have some new beauty tricks, and also found the perfect hair dye to dye your hair red without even having to bleach it!! I KNOW! Im super excited to tell you all about it! And yes I have the inside scoop to achieve the perfect Kylie Jenner lip, and also some replacements for it. I see thats the new trend now. I also want to send my heart out to those who lost their loved ones this year due to an illness or an accident. My condolences goes out to all of you. Im also going to be one of the bloggers hosting for St. Judes "red carpet for hope" in Miami January 11th! I hope to see you there! You can still purchase tickets if you havent yet! Anyways we're going to have an awesome year, and again I love every one of you! Thank you so much for continuing to follow me on this journey!


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