Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cover Girl Products Review

So,I got the opportunity to review some exclusive cover girl products for you guys. You Naked fans will be excited about this. Cover girl came out with a new palette that has similar shades to what you're used to, but more pigmented with a next to nothing price! Talk about bargain! These shades are so versatile you can go from flirty to chic. 

Speaking of eyes I also got the opportunity to try Cover girls awesome Plumpify Blast PRO mascara. This mascara saved me from applying eye lashes. What makes this mascara so special is the bristles on the brush. The various sizes of the spiral shaped bristles allows it to easily comb each lash, and pick up more mascara. Giving you that doll look.
As you can see each look Im wearing the TruNaked palette. I cannot tell you how easy it is creating these looks by just using one tool, but that's not the only thing I love. I also got to try Colorlicious Oh Sugar lip balm! This lip balm does not only help dry lips with its vitamin infused, moisturizing lip treatment that; nourishes, protects, and smooths lips, but also gives these lips some color with a delicious sweet sugary taste.
 I hope you guys enjoy this review! Let me know what you think on Cover girls new products.

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SlimFast Advance Nutrition Plan Review

 SlimFast has a really cool fast and easy way to lose weight called The SlimFast Advanced Nutrition Plan. It works by eating the SlimFast easy meals/snacks and watch you shed weight it no time; and without spending loads of money! You don't ever have to worry about over eating, when drinking slim fast delicious high protein ready to drink meal replacements shake that comes in different flavors! This shake fills you up and is meant for a meal replacement. 

You also can grab a bar when you're on the run with this 500 calorie meal bar! It reminds me of these Cheweys I use to eat when I was a kid. So good!

Also, when your hungry in between meals you can eat some of these delicious snacks. That will instantly have you forgetting you're even on a meal plan! I've got to try these sour cream and onion baked chips. I can actually say these chips are as close to the real thing you're ever going to get. Very satisfying, and the drizzled crisp are a great dessert! The best way to describe them is that they taste just like churros! Yummm!
Let me know what you guys think about SlimFast new Advance Nutrition Plan! 

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by SlimFast. The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of SlimFast."