Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Pup Named Scrappy

I'm so sorry for the long delay. I'm in the middle of moving to Houston, TX which is an exciting, but overwhelming experience. I have so much I want to show and tell you all that I'm sure you will all love. 

On a more exciting note I got a new puppy he is a Chiweenie (Chihuahua + Dachshund) named Scrappy. He's super tiny cute, loving, and full of energy. As you know toy dogs, teacups, and animals in general need lots of attention and a reasonable diet.

This has caused me to look into multiple food ideas, dog care, and even fashion. I was shocked about the minuscule amount of information sources that are available out there. Not many blogs have information and tutorials on dog gourmet and other helpful information. Which has motivated me in the process of creating an awesome blog with lots of cool information and fashions for dogs with my little pup Scrappy as your host, giving you helpful information right at your paws :)

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  1. I have two dogs of my own and my partner trains/has worked with dogs for 4+ years. I highly suggest trying out the dog food, Honest Kitchen, they make it for puppies and big dogs its 100% natural and an amazing product. Congrats on your new addition, he is so cute!