Wednesday, July 6, 2016

For all you dog lovers out there, I know on a previous post I spoke about my dog Scrappy having his own website, but I thought it over since I'm in the middle of processing my app I thought about just giving Scrappy his own category on my blog. So he will be giving you all the latest updates on Fashion and Lifestyle  :)

I wanted to start off by introducing Funny Furr. For the longest I've been searching for a website that's trust worthy, and gives my dog the latest fashion, and surprisingly I stumbled onto I fell in love the minute I clicked on their apparel. Scrappy's entire wardrobe is literally from funnyfurr, and when I say the compliments haven't stopped... They really haven't. No one has ever seen a pup so stylish and I must say you can tell Scrappy is loving the attention. 

With that being said, stay tuned weekly for scrappy's wardrobe of the week.


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