Monday, February 20, 2017

Netflix Titles You Should Check Out Right Now!

It becomes challenging to find great titles on Netflix you've never seen.

With all the choices available on Netflix, some of the best titles will never show up on your homepage. That's why I've decided to talk about some great titles that don't get enough attention.
November Rule
Steve's somber over the death of his father and doesn't want to get close to any of the women that he dates. At the start of November, Steve comes up with an excuse to break up with his girlfriend. Things are no different this year even though he's having an excellent time with Leah he still enacts his November Rule. After seeing the error of his ways Steve realizes Leah was the woman of his dreams, unfortunately, the chances of them getting back together becomes increasingly doubtful when she begins dating a professional athlete.
November Rule is not a Netflix and chill kind of movie at least in my opinion. November Rule is a well written romantic comedy. Many romcoms tend to be very formulaic and in a sense, November Rule is the same, but November Rule adds in a few unique twists to keep it fresh.
A man returns home to surprise his wife and discovers she's cheating on him. Seeing this causes him to have a psychotic break. He then holds her and her lover captive at gunpoint.
Adulterers' such an intense film. The film doesn't take much time to get into its action. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The movie will leave you guessing until its final moment.
Project MC2
Project MC2 is a Netflix Original about four girls McKeyla, Bryden, Camryn, and Adrienne who each excel in a particular STEM field. McKeyla is a secret agent working for Nov8 and while on a top secret mission she needs the help of her new friends to save the world.
Project MC2 has received multiple Emmy Award nominations, and it's clear to see why. MC2 is a fun show currently in its third season, and I would highly recommend this show for anyone with children or any fan of children's shows.
Another Netflix Original, created by Judd Apatow Love is an honest look at the way men and women view love and relationships. Gus and Mickey show us how tough it can be to build a relationship with someone new.
Love is an excellent series that shows us how these little things at the beginning of a relationship can sometimes be these incredible obstacles. It's fun seeing the characters fall in and out of interest with one another and how each of them has a different approach to winning over the other.
A deaf writer lives in an isolated cabin. She must find a way to combat her masked assailant while being at a severe disadvantage.
It's so refreshing to see a horror movie that doesn't rely on jump scares. The film does an excellent job at creating an unsettling atmosphere. Most of the film has no score and helps to create a sense of vulnerability. If you enjoy watching horror movies, you have to check this one out.
It's A Lot
Shaun comes from a well-off family. He doesn't fit in much with his private school peers, so he decides to enroll in his cousin's college to finally be in the world of girls, parties, and excitement for the first time. To gain popularity, he decides to throw a party at his mansion. As you can imagine things go wrong and Shaun needs to make to find a way to repair his father's prized Lotus.
It's A Lot is a fun British comedy. It's a story we've seen many times before, but It's A Lot keeps things funny. This movie reminds me a lot of many of the teen movies that came out during the late 80's and early 90's. If you were a fan of movies like that, then you should give this film a view.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy these titles as much as I did. Stay tuned to find out more titles you should be watching.

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