Tuesday, February 21, 2017

SAY WHAT?! Mood Changing hair dye

Photography Sya Groosman, Hair Kieran Tudor

We had Mood rings to Mood nail polish and now... mood changing HAIR? Yes, climate changing hair is actually happening. According to an interview with Dazed, data visualization scientist (and witch) Lauren Bowker has invented a hair dye that changes color based on the temperature of its surrounding environment — totally wicked. While messing around in the lab, Bowker came up with her latest project called "Fire." A hair dye that changes color as temperature drops and rises and said to be launched at London Fashion Week in collaboration with her brand The Unseen and Storm Models.

"Yes I've tried it, and yes it works" Said Bowker as she went on to explain how, exactly, her invention works.

When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction,” Bowker told Dazed. She also added that she's been working with dyes "that change their structure, which gives you a light refraction instead, so it’s more like a prism color change ... If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue. So what we did was look at data patterns of weathers and the environment in different countries and tailor the color changes to correlate with those."

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