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Arrowverse Villians For Potential Crossover Episodes

If you're anything like me, you love seeing your favorite heroes teaming up. Some of the best comics, movies, and television episodes feature heroes teaming up. After the Heroes vs. Aliens crossover event, I'm anxious to see the heroes of the Arrowverse join forces. Now I feel that having them all team up again so soon would diminish the specialness of the event. Realistically, there shouldn't have to be a major reason for The Flash to run over to Earth-38 or for the Legends to make a stop in Star City, but for this to be as epic as possible we'll need a good reason for them to be teaming up. That's why I've thought of a few great ways we can get the heroes together for quick team-ups.
Honorable Mention: Ra's Al Ghul
Arrow -- "The Fallen" -- Image AR320B_0097 -- Pictured: Matt Nable as Ra's al Ghul -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Ra's Al Ghul is such an iconic DC villain, and it goes without saying Ra's Al Ghul could easily be a villain that could unite all four shows together. Ra's Al Ghul is already a well-established character in the Arrowverse, and he has connections to two major characters on two of the four shows, Oliver and Sara. Being the leader of the League of Assassins gives him a large organization of soldiers he can use to help him. Not only can he use the Lazarus Pit to stay youthful, but the moniker can be passed on. Meaning there can be a Ra's Al Ghul far into the future. Though I like the idea of having Ra's Al Ghul as a crossover villain, I feel there are some better options we can choose.

Heroes Featured: Supergirl and The Flash (Jesse Quick)
Villains Featured: Gorilla Grodd and Titano the Super-Ape

Gorilla Grodd is a gorilla who was experimented on in hopes of developing psychic abilities for interrogation. Grodd was exposed to the energies from the particle accelerator explosion. Due to the explosion, Grodd's size increases, and he developed psychic abilities; telepathy and inducing mental hallucinations.
Titano the Super-Ape is a common chimpanzee who was known as "one of the world's most intelligent apes." He was sent into space and exposed to massive amounts of radiation. The radiation morphed the chimp to the size of a giant ape with incredible strength and the ability to emit Kryptonite radiation from his eyes.

How It Could Work:
Last we saw Gorilla Grodd; he was sent to Earth-2 to live in a jungle sanctuary with other gorillas who have been victims of experimentation. Surely, Grodd would want to make his way back to Earth-1. With Grodd's abilities, he would be able to take control of the other gorillas in the sanctuary. Furthermore, all the gorillas in the sanctuary have had experiments conducted on them so it wouldn't be crazy to think that one of the gorillas would have the ability to emit radiation from their eyes. Now Grodd would be trying to make it back to Earth-1, and unfortunately because of interference with Jesse Quick he is transported to Earth-38. Jesse Quick will have more than enough on her hands and Supergirl will find it tough taking on a gorilla who emits Kryptonite rays.
This team up would be awesome because who wouldn't want to see Supergirl team up with a speedster, and it lets us know how Jesse Quick is doing being a hero on her own.

Heroes Featured: Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash
Villains Featured: The Shade

The Shade is an English gentleman in the year 1838. Shade decides to leave England and start a career of being an assassin, thief, adventurer, and observer of life. The Shade can manipulate the shadows with his magical cane. The Shade's cane gives him the ability to summon and control shadow demons, summon and dispel shields of complete darkness, create constructs out of shadows, and ability to travel great distances in a short amount of time. The shadows also grant him agelessness and immortality.
How It Could Work:
Now I know we've seen The Shade already on The Flash, but The Shade is a character that has been retconned multiple times in the comics, so why not on television. First, we have to establish that the first Shade was just a shadow manipulation being controlled by Savitar. Now seeing as The Shade is an immortal being he would likely come in contact with the Legends of Tomorrow at least once in the past. To start this off, I figure The Shade would come to Central City to not only see what has happened to his shadow but reached the time of the Legends. The Shade's presence there causes a time aberration so the Legends would have to travel to see what is going on.
Being an aberration, the Legends would have to respond to this event. The Shade's vast array of powers would mess well with The Flash's because being the fastest man alive doesn't matter if you can't see where you're going.


Heroes Featured: Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow
Villains Featured: The Gnorl

The Gnorl is an energy absorbing monster who arrives in Star City via a space-time warp. It appears out of a strange fog and kidnaps people and takes them back into the fog where he lives. The monster has captured people from different eras in time and has trapped them in his realm.

How it Could Work:
The Gnorl is a lesser known Green Arrow villain so we can play around with its mythos a little to make it fit into the series. People will start disappearing in Star City, so of course Team Arrow goes to investigate what's happening to them. The team tracked the disappearances to a mysterious fog that has suddenly developed in the city. Part of the team venture into the fog and find themselves trapped in a realm that is only accessible but the use of a waverider. The remaining members of Team Arrow contact the Legends and see if they can help them find their missing friends.
This team-up will allow the Legends to be involved in a way that is not just about `repairing the timeline. Also, it would show another use for the waverider. We know the waverider can travel back and forth through time, but who knows what else it can do. Maybe it can go to different dimensions or even different Earths.

Heroes Featured: Arrow and The Flash
Villains Featured: Komodo

Komodo was the former protege of Robert Queen. He was on an expedition with Robert to find the "Arrow totem." The Arrow totem is a mystical item that is said to bring enlightenment. Komodo sought the totem for himself and murders Robert. The desire to get the Arrow totem consumes Komodo, and he vows to destroy Oliver Queen. Komodo works on behalf of the Outsiders an evil organization of warriors from different weapon disciplines.

How it Could Work:
Komodo's in the arrowverse, but thankfully it was before Flashpoint. Seeing as this is a pre-flashpoint event it can easily be retconned out. We've seen flashpoint change things to the characters of Arrow, so it isn't a stretch to think it can happen in this instance. For this to work Komodo would need to start in Central City. I figure a good reason for Komodo to be in Central City would be to steal a valuable artifact (something related to the Arrow totem) from a museum. Of course, the Star Labs team would contact Team Arrow to find out more information on this mysterious archer. Dealing with an archer is something Oliver has a lot of experience with so he takes a trip to Central City to lend a hand.
Unfortunately, Komodo is very similar to Prometheus so I would hold off on using him in the series for awhile. Komodo is such a major character in the Green Arrow mythos that he needs some redemption. Komodo's appearance in the Arrowverse will signify the beginning of the Outsiders War storyline which is one of my favorite stories from the Green Arrow comics.

Heroes Featured: Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow
Villains Featured: Project Cadmus (Luthor)

Project Cadmus is a research facility tasked with experimenting on extraterrestrial threats. Cadmus was formerly a government facility with associations with the D.E.O. The leadership of Cadmus was taken over by Lillian Luthor, and since then it's activities have become much more sinister.

How It Could Work:
Cadmus will remain an antagonist for Supergirl until it's dealt with for good. From the look of it, that doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon. Cadmus' leader Lillian is in prison, but there's always another Luthor to take her place. The way I see it, if Cadmus is allowed to exist into the future at some point, they will pose a massive threat to the timeline. Now at this point, I'm going to have to bend the rules a bit and assume that the waverider will eventually be able to travel to another Earth. In the future the technology Project Cadmus would have at their disposal would be catastrophic. They already have a poison to kill all aliens in a small area, so it's not far-fetched to think they will develop more powerful weapons.
A weapon of that magnitude would pose a threat to the timeline and multiverse, so naturally, the Legends would have to step in. Kryptonians don't age at the same rate as humans so the Legends can visit Earth-38 in the next century and Kara would still be around. The Legends and Supergirl can team up with each other and finally put an end to Project Cadmus.

Heroes Featured: Supergirl and Arrow
Villains Featured: The Riddler

Edward Nygma is a smooth-talking criminal with an exceptionally high IQ. The Riddler is obsessed with riddles, puzzles, and word games. Lastly, The Riddler is incredibly narcissistic and gets delighted when describing his intellectual superiority.           

How It Could Work:                                                                                                                           

 Now I know what your thinking the Riddler isn't in the Arrowverse, so how could he be in an episode. We haven't seen Batman on Supergirl, but we've heard Batman referenced to on Supergirl (not directly but alluded to). If Batman exists on Earth-38, then it wouldn't be shocking to find members of his rogues there too. Now the important question how would The Riddler get to Earth-1. The answer is simple he's going to use the device Supergirl uses to travel to different Earths. Edward will con Kara into letting him see the device, and he will steal it. The Riddler will be won't be able to resist asserting his mental dominance. The Riddler will go head to head with the geniuses of Team Arrow.
Edward would be a perfect villain for these two to handle together. Furthermore, he is a villain that possess a threat and can be taken down by either Supergirl or Green Arrow.

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