Friday, March 17, 2017

Netflix Replacing Its Star Rating System

Since the early days of Netflix, users have had the opportunity to rate the movies or series they've watched. Netflix used this data to recommend shows that you would likely enjoy. Many users have a misconception of what the rating truly means. If you see a movie with 5 stars, it doesn't mean it's great it just means you're most likely going to like it based on your rating of films like it. Now here is Netflix's dilemma, users don't watch titles with higher ratings more often than titles with lower ratings. Netflix's Vice President Todd Yellin said: "Users would rate documentaries with 5 stars, and silly movies with just 3 stars, but still watch silly movies more often than those high-rated documentaries." This has caused Netflix to abandon the star rating system and adopt the simple thumbs up/down rating system. In addition to this, Netflix is implementing a perfect match system. Titles that fit your taste will have a higher match percentage. 

This change will occur in the up coming weeks so be on the lookout. I can't wait to see how the new rating system changes my Netflix experience. 

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