Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Arrangement: Season 1, Episode 2 Recap

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Things are starting to get glamorous and incredibly Awkward for Megan Morrison as she begins her new Hollywood life as Kyle West's perfect girlfriend.

 While waking up on top of Kyle West and having your very own stylist does seem lavish, not everyone is too flattered about this. Morrison Ex-beau rushes in her house enraged about her relationship with Kyle West. At first, it seems like the Ex (who'll be a father soon ) is making an attempt to get her back but ends up just insulting her. Not surprising, he's not the only one who seems upset about the two. Anika seems she has something up her sleeve... is she even pregnant? 

Reality doesn't appear to phase Megan! I mean who would be thinking of an ex when paparazzi are taking your photo at a premiere, and you're having dinner on a boat with the hottest man in Hollywood. I mean she has no worries right?.... 

The Ex - Arrangement

Well, this is awkward... What's up with Lisbeth and her beef with Megan? Does she still have feelings for Kyle or is it something deeper that Morrison does not know about.

Regardless of the girl on girl drama. This seems to be the least of  Kyle and Megan's worries right now. How is Terrance going to fix this situation?  Megan's contract might end sooner than we think.

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