Sunday, May 14, 2017

Marvel’s ICEMAN Stops Villains Cold in their Tracks -- 1st Look!

Starting June 7th Iceman  Robert "Bobby" Drake steps out into the cold with an all-new solo X-Men series written by Sina Grace (All-New X-Men Annual, Self-Obsessed) coupled with artwork by Alessandro Vitti (Avengers Arena, Secret Warriors) with Marvel Comics’ ICEMAN #1.If you are unfamiliar with Bobby Drake, let me fill you in on what makes him so cool. Iceman is an Omega-level mutant and one of the original members of the X-Men, and a founding member of the Champions. Iceman debuted all the way back in 1963 in the X-men issue #1. 

As the name suggests Iceman's mutant ability involves ice, but its a little more complex than that. Iceman has the ability to lower his external and internal body temperature, thereby radiating intense cold from his body. Also, Iceman can freeze any moisture in the air around him into unusually hard ice, and form simple objects such as slides, ladders, shields, and bats. Now don't underestimate Iceman's powers he is an omega level mutant for a reason. Iceman could potentially destroy entire ecosystems and send the world into the ice age. In the X-men universe, the power levels of individual mutants, range from Epsilon to Alpha, with the added Omega being at the top. There are hundreds of mutants, but only eleven mutants that have been classified as being omega-level. 

Iceman has a long history in comics, and I'm really excited to see where they take him as a character. I've been a huge fan of Iceman since way back in the X-men Legends days, and I've always been a huge fan of members of a team getting their own solo titles. Iceman has accomplished so much over the years being a member of some of Marvel's most famous teams, and this solo run allows him to build his legacy into something so much more! Another interesting aspect of this solo run is there is a  younger version of himself from the timestream added into the mix. 

In this new ongoing series, it’s time for Bobby Drake to realizes that it’s now or never, and sets out to build a life and legacy he can be proud of…and be the best ICEMAN he can be!

ICEMAN #1 will be in stores June 7th be sure to pick it up. I know I'll be buying a copy and that variant shouting out another famous Bobby. 

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