Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Flash Season 3 Finale!!

Tonight we got to see the season finale of The Flash. This has been my favorite season of The Flash so far. It was an emotional episode from beginning to end. Just when you think Team Flash has everything figured out they hit you right where it hurts. 

*Caution Major Spoilers Ahead*

The episode picks up moments after the death of Iris. Every member of Team Flash is in distraught and in tears. It is revealed that HR and Iris switched places, and it was his body laying in Barry's arms. I glad they didn't tease the reveal and started the episode with the answer to the questions With Iris no longer in danger, Savitar is going to fade away from the timeline. Barry tries to convince Savitar to stay and join the team. Savitar wants to join the team but ultimately knows he won't be accepted and can't be with Iris. Savitar tries to become a god before his time is up, but is stopped by Jay Garick. Now the full Team Flash is here. Savitar attempts to kill each member of the team, and seeing Cisco in trouble Caitlyn comes to here senses and saves him. Barry separates Savitar from his armor making him vulnerable. Barry spares him, but of course, Savitar tries to kill Barry. Savitar is then killed by Iris.

Now with Savitar dead and Iris saved Team Flash can finally have a time of peace. This lasts about an hour. A speed force lightning storm attacks the city. Causing major earthquakes and lightning raining down from the skies. The speedforce needs someone to be trapped in it. Barry volunteers he says his goodbyes and walks into the speedforce disappearing. 

Now with this season over I still have so many questions. What will happen to Caitlyn? She says she's no longer Killer Frost, but she still has her powers. Will she become the hero known as Ice? If so can we see a Fire and Ice team up in the future? Did the speedforce lightning hit anyone in the storm? If so can we see a new speedster in the future? Next season the showrunners said there won't be a speedster villain, but maybe this storm caused the villain for season five. What will the team do without Barry will Wally step up and become The Flash?Now I need the answer to the much bigger question which Earth will the next HR come from?

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