Thursday, February 24, 2022


Luxury house FENDI showcased their Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection, that reimagines the brand’s signature codes through a distinctly contemporary lens, on February 23rd, during the ongoing Milan Fashion Week. The collection, that offers a fresh perspective on the house’s heritage, was inspired by Delfina Delettrez walking into the brand’s headquarters dressed in a printed blouse stolen from her mother’s wardrobe. For the season, designer Kim Jones explores the impact and influence of the brand’s classic collections, he revisits two iconic collections: Spring Summer 1986, and Autumn Winter 2000, both created by the legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld. The collection fuses and reinterprets the geometric prints and sartorial styling of SS86 collection with the diaphanous lightness of AW00 collection, to bring strength and softness, form and functionality.

“The best place to explore the FENDI archives is through the Fendi wardrobes, and these are collections which, although they come from the past, feel very now. It’s a wardrobe designed for every aspect of a woman’s life, for every generation, and it all started with Delfina. – Kim Jones”


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