Monday, February 28, 2022

Tite Kubo's Burn the Witch Manga Oneshot

I know I'm a little late, but I wanted to check out Kubo's newest manga, Burn the Witch, with the news of Bleach coming back. Burn the Witch's story exists in the Bleach universe. I think Kubo has one of the most incredible art styles in manga or anime. He has such a unique style that epitomizes drip. Now on to the Burn the Witch review...

Burn the Witch follows Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, two young witches. Noel is a stoic young woman who reacts to most situations with a mixture of seriousness and deadpan observations, while Ninny is a temperamental, egotistical pop singer. The two are Pipers, who are tasked with defending Front London and Reverse London from dragons. Front London is the human world, while Reverse London is the western branch of the Soul Society. Though the worlds are separated, they're linked to one another. If a building is destroyed in Reverse London, its counterpart in Front London will be destroyed at the same time in the same manner.

The story opens up with Noel walking down the streets of Front London in her school uniform. She comes across Osushi (a dragon disguised as a pomeranian) sitting on the ground and prepares to give him a dog treat, only to be accosted by Balgo Parks. Balgo tells her not to underestimate him, only to be swiftly incapacitated by a strike to the jaw. Noel enters a nearby phone booth and deposits a coin decorated with the emblem of the Western Branch entering Reverse London. 

Noel feeds her mount while Ninny complains about not being able to join the Sabre Squad and protect the streets of London, leading Noel to note that she is content where she is in the Conservation Rangers. It is revealed that the people of Reverse London rely upon various types of domesticated dragons for their utilities, such as textiles, electricity, and even meat. Elsewhere, in London, Balgo sits with his friend Shelby Shelby considers the idea of people going to Reverse London preposterous, as it is a "fairy tale" like Santa Claus. Foisting Osushi onto Shelby, who is overwhelmed by his cuteness, Balgo convinces his friend to listen to his woes.

Shelby reveals himself to be a Disguiser Dragon. Shelby declares that he will devour the witches and become immortal as he attacks Ninny.  once  Noel swoops in and rescues her. As Noel reveals that Shelby died when he was 7 while protecting Balgo from the impact of a train, Ninny remarks on the strangeness of a Dark Dragon living among humans for 10 years before Shelby suddenly appears next to them and attacks. Shelby prepares to devour them both but is kicked away by Noel, who admits before destroying Shelby with Absolute Dragon Shatter, to Balgo's shock. 

Noel and Ninny learn that Balgo is being left in their care due to becoming a Dragon-Possessed One. Later, Noel and Ninny learn that they have been given Balgo to take care of after he became a Dragon-Possessed One due to being bitten by a Dark Dragon after living with one for 10 years.

I loved the one-shot and I'm interested in where the story goes from here. If you are interested checkout Burn the Witch for yourself. There are four chapters available and a movie and an anime. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. 


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