Friday, March 4, 2022

New Era of Anime Has Arrived | Funimation x Crunchyroll

The future of Funimation is Crunchyroll! This is a major step in the streaming evolution of anime. For a long time, it was a toss-up between which service your favorite anime would be a part of. Whether it would have the dubbed or subbed version and how long it was going to take to drop a new episode. It looks like those days are over. Crunchyroll is absorbing the library of Funimation meaning all your favorites will be under one roof. That means more subs and dubs, bigger events, and one ultimate home for anime!

Now with this big news, there are a few important things to remember. If you are like me and were a Funimation subscriber you will want to sign-up for a Crunchyroll subscription as soon as possible! If you are a Funimation subscriber you should have received an email offering you a 60-day Free Trial of Crunchyroll Premium (email should be received by 03/08/22 if qualified). This offer is available to new Crunchyroll subscribers only, so if you already have a paid Crunchyroll subscription, you won’t be eligible! 

 As of Mar 1, 2022, existing and new Crunchyroll subscribers will have access to library and simulcast content previously exclusive to Funimation.  All-new series from the upcoming Spring 2022 season will stream exclusively on Crunchyroll; Funimation will only continue to add new episodes of the current series. For more details visit the Crunchyroll Release Calendar here.


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