Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Nadia Chellaoui LookBook FW23

The artist and leather designer Nadia Chellaoui presents the lookbook of her FW23 collection, inspired by her country and her childhood memories.

Devoured by her passion and creativity, Nadia Chellaoui is one of the few Moroccan painters whose identity and codes are unique.

The face, signature icon and emblem bearing the brand, has now become a symbol of freedom and self-expression. Inspired by painters, such as Modigliani or Picasso, Nadia Chellaoui affirms her visual and pictorial references, and says that the face is for her a kind of state of mind that she cultivated from a very young age:

"The face is for me a kind of social escape, a state of mind that gives me the strength to assume my difference, my culture and my emotions."

The design of the bags were built through the painter's childhood memories. Bathed since birth in a universe full of colors and punctuated by scents, Nadia Chellaoui remembers her, as a child, contemplating her grandmother embroidering. This face is actually the artist's gaze focused on a world strong in perceptions and inspirations.

"The bag is synonymous with escape, travel and passage ... Giving the possibility of transporting my pictorial works through an accessory symbol of femininity, had become, for me, a necessity" says the painter.

A cocktail of his Moroccan culture, his attraction for cubism as well as his passion for colors, gives birth to the bag, synonymous with combat and fragility. Sketch by sketch, His imagination overflows. Nadia Chellaoui creates many models in order to address a wide audience by leaving a message of love and freedom.

Each bag has a strong identity giving the wearer the power to live, the time of a trip or a passage, an assurance and self-confidence as well as a new look at the things around us.

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