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Stranger Things Day 2022 | November 6, 2022

November 6, 1983. The day Will Byers went missing and the day it all began. Stranger Things Day is a celebration with our core fanbase to honor the beginning of where it all started! This year is our 5th annual holiday, and we are bringing all things Stranger to our fans both IRL and digitally online.

Screenings: For this year’s Stranger Things Day, theaters across North America are hosting screenings of Volume 2 of Season 4 on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022. Every screening will have trivia, giveaways, and other surprises for superfans. 

They will be held in cities including Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Texas, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington, DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Florida, and Toronto. Get your tickets now at!

Here’s everything you need to know about Stranger Things Day 2022:

This year, experience Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 on the big screen for the first time! Across the country, fans are encouraged to come dressed to impress in their favorite Stranger Things costume and prizes will be rewarded for best dressed! We'll also have trivia, giveaways, and other surprises, making this a can't-miss event. Markets participating include Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Austin, Denver, Detroit, Cleveland, Washington DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and Toronto.

Starting at 11 am PT on November 6, fans and newcomers alike will join us virtually in our Stranger Things world on Roblox. Audiences will be able to watch the first episode of the series and interact with the immersive world of Hawkins like never before. Visit on the 6th for the full experience.

At the Stranger Things Experiences and the Official Stores:

Party at the Experience for Stranger Things Day! Stop by for exclusive merch, new food and beverage offerings, free giveaways, and fun surprises! Find the closest location here:

Shop the Official Stores to snag exclusive fan-favorite merch, play in Palace Arcade and share your best photos. Visit to get all the details! And in stores and online:

The official store of Netflix,, is celebrating all week long with daily Stranger Things drops! Featuring limited edition collectible cards from Zero Cool and exclusive designs by artists Butcher Billy and Kyle Lambert, make sure to check out daily before they sell out.

Stay tuned for additional information and more updates on all things Stranger Things Day as the week goes on; follow along with the Stranger Things social media accounts on Twitter @Stranger_Things, Instagram @StrangerThingsTV, and Facebook @StrangerThingsTV.

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