Tuesday, December 26, 2023

The Batman 2 | Batverse

Gotham City, brace yourselves because the Bat-Signal is again lighting up the night sky! As rumors swirl and speculation reaches fever pitch, the buzz around The Batman II. Although the hype surrounding the revitalized DCU seems to be taking center stage, we can't forget about The Batman. Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, has confirmed his Batman will not be connected with the budding DCU. Reeves will be creating his own Batverse. 

The last time we saw The Batman, Gotham was flooded and looking to rebuild. Word on the damp streets of Gotham is that Clayface is confirmed to be the villain. Clayface is an interesting choice, but I can see the use of a man who changes his appearance to be used as a way for Bruce/Batman to embrace his new identity as a hero. Along with this, the big rumor surrounding the film is we'll be seeing a young Dick Grayson. With that news, I can imagine we see both of these characters introduced through the circus. So be on the lookout for the Flying Graysons. 

Reeves' work will be separate from the DCU, but he has confirmed he will create an Arkham series set in the DCU. I'm excited to see how those characters will fit into the universe. 


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