Tuesday, July 9, 2024

UDON Entertainment announces Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz

UDON Entertainment is proud to announce the launch of a new line of manga titles, MANGA BIOGRAPHIES, which will see the lives of some of history’s most interesting and influential people brought to the globe-spanning medium of manga. UDON is proud to begin this line with Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz, exploring the life and times of the revered creator of the internationally beloved Peanuts comic strip.

Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz is a 168-page manga graphic novel written and illustrated by Yuzuru Kuki. This authorized biography spans Charles Schulz’s life, from his youth growing up in Minnesota through a burgeoning love of drawing and his time in the army to becoming one of the world's most recognized and beloved cartoonists. Told in a clear and welcoming style perfect for readers young and old, this gripping manga story touches on many real-world historical events that impacted Schulz’s life and the ways Peanuts impacted those events! In addition to the wonderful manga, Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz includes a timeline of major events in the world during Schulz’s life, a selection of beautiful archival photos and information about Schulz and Peanuts, and a bibliography for further reading.

Manga Biographies: Charles Schulz will be available in stores everywhere in October 2024. Special advance copies will be sold at Comic-Con International: San Diego, available at the PEANUTS™ booth at the event.

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