Monday, September 30, 2013

Luminess Airbrush Makeup Exorcist Halloween Tutorial




   Hey Guys!

I'm so thrilled to start off this countdown to Halloween, by collaborating with Luminess Airbrush Makeup for you all. I was so excited to do these looks, and even more exited to get my hands on this airbrush makeup system everyone's been talking about. I remember watching TV late at night, and the commercials for Luminess Airbrush Makeup would always come on! I've been so eager to try it! Especially after reading all the reviews about them. They were featured in so many things! Like Tyra, People Magazine, and Vogue! There was so much hype about them, so when I got the opportunity to do this, the first thing I thought about was you guys! I couldn't wait to give you my honest review on them, and if they are as good as they say! Well So far, they're more than a A+ in my books. The only thing is, when dealing with special FX, I just wish the speeding was a little bit faster. Other then that, this system is really great, and applies well! I would still recommend this system for special fx, and of course for every day application this is fantastic!

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  1. wooooooow. That is BEYOND amazing. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. Oh my, you look so scary! But you also did a fantastic job, it is awesome! You are so talented:)

    By the way, I still haven't received any email from the company which should send me the fake lashes (I'm talking about the giveaway you had). I messaged you my info (I hope you received the email) but I also did't receive any response from you. Do you know anything more about it?:)

    Crayons and Beads

    1. Hi vanja I've been meaning to write you back! I apologize for the wait. The company messaged me about your free eyelashes, because of where you live they are going to send it to me to send it to you. If that's too long for you. I can send you a $40 gift card to your email so you can get the eyelashes you want for free.


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