Sunday, October 13, 2013

Anastasia Beverley Hills Review


 Hey Dolls,

I'm so excited to tell you all about a must have for your beauty addict's collection! If you use Instagram you are already aware of Anastasia Beverley Hills cosmetics. They're known for their excellent brow kits, and gorgeous pigmented eyeshadows. I'm personally not very familiar with this brand, so I wanted to see for myself why everyone loves these products. So I went ahead, and grabbed their Brow Palette, Eye Covet Pencils, Brow Kit, Brow fix, Tinted Brow Gel, Brow Wiz, Lash Genius, and Lavish Palette. All of these products are in the top sellers  category. The Eye Covet Pencils were the first things I tested. These pencils appear very smokey, and give that smudge effect! Great for inside the waterline, or when you're creating a cut and crease look! I really would only use these pencils for those purposes, so if you love that smokey eye effect this will give you the look you're trying to achieve. Personally I love creating my cat eye with a gel, or liquid eyeliner, but I've seen some girls create a cat eye using these pencils as well. It all depends on your preference. You guys know how much I love finding new kits for my brows, so of course I grabbed the best sellers to perfect my brows. Since this is basically a load of brow materials, I'll start with the brow kit first. This brow kit reminds me of a stylish version of the too faced brow envy kit. It's so convenient to carry around; its like having a small leather clutch! There's also more space to fit in a couple things, and maybe even a lipstick if you're on the run! This case is so chic!  The shiny label with their logo on it makes me think of Clair from Clueless, I guess its the Beverly Hills part. I'm pretty sure Clair used Anastasia Beverly Hills anyway, I mean you can't " as if " to them!


Inside the kit I received a brow gel, angle brush, tweezers, brow stencils, and mini duo brush. This kit is more than simple. It even comes with a little guide book to help you, making it totally easy! The mini duo brush helps determine your ideal brow shape. It then can be used to apply the brow powder, and if you apply too much just flip the brush over to buff out any harsh areas. Leaving you with a nice clean brow look. If that still doesn't help, the brow kit also comes with 5 different types of stencils to give you the most natural brow shape. The tweezers are great for removing any existing hairs, and of course the brow gel touches it up by giving those tricky hairs a good hold. Next in my brow collection from Anastasia Beverly Hills is their brow pro palette. Honestly the kit is good on its own, but this is good for finding your exact color. The brow pro palette comes with brow wax, concealer, and 6 duo choices for those who don't have the traditional brown or light brown hairs. This brow palette is excellent, and I do highly recommend it. Especially if you're a makeup artist, and you're dealing with different clients. Not everyone's brows are the same. This will save you, and give your clients the perfect brows. In addition to that the palette is magnetic, so you don't have to worry about it opening on its own and getting ruined. The other three products I received you really don't need, but are really great if you run out! The tinted brow gel which is another brow gel, but with some color in it. The one I got was in expresso. The brow fix which is a clear pencil is basically a wax for your brows, but made easy for you in a pencil form. Finally the best brow pencil I've ever used is the brow wiz. The color I got was in ebony, a perfect shade for my deep colored brows. It doesn't smudge, and applies sharp, and smoothly. Now on with the lavish palette, and the lovely lash genius! Well to start off this lavish palette I could only use one word. AMAZING! The palette gives you a mirror, so you can apply your shadows anywhere. The colors it came with are perfect for the fall, and winter! They're the perfect shades for creating a sexy sizzling smokey eye. I absolutely love these colors. I literally tried to figure out which shades were my favorite without mentioning the entire palette...apparently I failed. The colors are so vibrant! Some even apply metallic! Like antique! It's a metallic silver great for a night look! The lavish palette doesn't only come with eyeshadows! Underneath it comes with 4 handy tools! Tweezers, brow pencil, a waterproof eye pencil, and duo blending brush. One end of the duo blending brush is great for applying, and the other perfect for the crease. The lash genius is of course the perfect touch up! This clear top coat makes any mascara waterproof! It's like magic in a tube! Overall, Anastasia Beverly Hills is positively fabulous and I suggest you all pick it up.  

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  1. Wow the Lavish palette looks so unique, in terms of the colours it has. I've never heard of this brand before but their stuff looks so gorgeous! x

    emaerie | blogspot

  2. I don't love the packaging of these products, but I have heard so many good things about their brow kit, that I can't wait to try it out :)

    Pink Frenzy

  3. ive always wanted to try their lavish palette! great post plz do a look using them

  4. I really want to try their palette it looks amazing :)