Sunday, October 13, 2013

CamoEyes Review

 Hey Dolls,
Halloween is almost here, and no one should leave the house without having on the number one accessory… contacts!!! You can't scare anyone, or complete any look without contacts. I'm always buying contacts from CamoEyes. They’ve got fashion contacts, movie/anime contacts, and Halloween themed contacts. They’re the brand I use for most of my special Fx looks. This time CamoEyes was nice enough to give me three contacts to review! I couldn't be happier to review these babies, especially since I'm already aware of their great service. The three contacts I received were Mesh, Silver, and Aqua Panther. These contacts can actually be used for thousands upon thousands of looks. They’re so many to choose from which is great. When I’m deciding on which contacts to get, I always choose the most versatile pair. I rather buy contacts that will fit multiple looks rather than ones that look pretty. These three of course can be used for plenty of different zombie, and demonic looks that I'm known for. I’ve decided to use them for a couple different looks you haven't seen me do. These contacts were also extremely comfortable, and didn't give me any problems! I will say that it was difficult to see when I had the Mesh contacts on. I would caution people from wearing these contacts for everyday use. These contacts are 100% cosmetic only, purely for appearance purposes. They aren’t ideal for people who want to correct their vision. If you have any specific questions of concerns about the contacts you can simply message CamoEyes and ask. Those of you who follow me on Instagram always ask how long will it take for the contacts to arrive. Honestly it all depends on the shipping package you choose. From my experience they ship EXTREMELY FAST! Unless you're looking for these to get to you in a few days, I suggest you get the overnight shipping. The contacts have a 90-Day Lifespan, so you can wear them multiple times til about the end of the year. You still have plenty of time til Halloween, so if you really want to take your costume to the next level you should definitely check out CamoEyes.

What do you guys think about the three contacts I received from CamoEyes?

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 “Disclosure: Compensation was provided by CamoEyes  . The opinion expressed here are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  CamoEyes ”


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  1. Nice! These would be so clutch with my zombie costume. I've never used contacts before so I'm kinda excited now!