Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mehron Liquid Paints Review

Hey Dolls,
A lot of you write me asking about the type of face paint I use. I’m guessing you’re having a hard time deciding on a good set of face paint for Halloween, especially if you're dealing with kids! I honestly must say my all time favorite face paint is Mehron liquid paint! I couldn’t live without it! When I'm going shopping for some new supplies, I always stock up on every color. I knew I was going to need loads of face paint for this upcoming Halloween! So I went straight to my favorite liquid paint by Mehron. Mehron liquid paint was actually the first paint I’ve ever used when I got into special fx, I've never had any problems with it. None of my clients nor I have had any irritation when using it. The boldness of the color always satisfied me. Of course when using this the barrier spray comes in handy, because you don't want any cracks when moving your mouth. All in all if you're looking for the perfect face paint, my choice will be Mehron liquid paint! It's cheap, and does the job well! You'll instantly fall in love, and I highly doubt you'll have any complaints.

     I hope this helps you guys! Have a great Halloween

Disclosure: These products were  purchased by me, and was not sent by a PR at Mehron.


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