Sunday, October 30, 2016

Weekly TV Recap

My weekly television recap where I talk about the shows I watch throughout the week.

 I'm a huge fan of superheroes so watching Supergirl is a must. When Supergirl moved to CW, I was a little worried that the show wouldn't mesh well with the others, but I was wrong. Season 2 of Supergirl has been phenomenal so far. Episode three opens with the strange Kryptonian like alien escaping the 
DEO. Meanwhile, Supergirl is preparing for the arrival of the President. We finally got the chance to see the President played by Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman from the 1970's TV series). Of course, the meeting with the President did not go as planned. The prime suspect for this attack is the escaped alien. After the attack, officer Maggie Sawyer shows up to the scene. Comic book fans will recognize the name and know she will be playing a significant role in the season going on. Alex and Maggie team up to find the source of all the trouble going on. Back in the DEO Winn scans for any deep space signals and discovers one. The escaped alien turns out to be a Daxamite named Mon-EL. Kryptonian and Daxamites are bitter enemies, so Supergirl doesn't treat this news calmly. Mon-El doesn't realize his home planet's gone something Supergirl reluctantly informs him. Alex and Maggie track down the alien who attacked the President and with the help of Supergirl take her down. The President meets with Supergirl before she leaves and thanks her for all the help, and as the President leaves we see her eye glow. During the last few minutes of the episode, we see J'onn encounter the last daughter of Mars M'gann M'orzz.    
Will we see more of Alex and Maggie teaming up? What type of alien is the President? Will we see Mon-EL become a member of the team, and how will J'onn react to knowing he isn't the last Martian left? Hopefully, we will get the answers to these questions as the season progresses!

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 The Flash has been one of my favorite shows on television for awhile. It's the perfect blend of the light-hearted Supergirl and the harsh reality of Arrow. It seems like every day we're finding out a new person were exposed to the particle accelerator. This time it was a man named Sam Scudder the particle accelerator turned him into Mirror Master. Comic book fans will recognize Mirror Master as a member of the rogues. This time Flash has some help trying to stop his enemy. Jesse Quick joins him. Mirror Master and his girlfriend Top serve as tough opponents for the duo, and a mishap encounter traps Barry inside of a mirror. While all of this is going on, Cisco and Caitlin are depressed because their team is incomplete without a Harrison Wells. So, of course with a multiverse filled with Wells all, they have to do is tracked down one that would be suitable for their team. Which is a lot harder than they would have thought. When Barry trapped in the mirror unable to vibrate out of it has to sit back and be rescued by his team. Cisco and Wells figure out if they freeze the mirror Barry could vibrate out of it. Unfortunately the device they build was not able to reach a cold enough temperature. Luckily Caitlin's metahuman cryogenic ability allows her to get the mirror cold enough for Barry to escape. Now free Barry comes up with a solution to stop the Mirror Master and capture him.  
When will the team find out about Caitlin? Will Wally ever get his speed and become kid flash? What was the warning Wells going to give before being sent to Earth-2? How will the new "Hipster" Wells interact with the team? All questions that I hope will be answered as the season continues!

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Atlanta is one of the funniest shows on television right now. It does a masterful job at mixing surrealism and realism. There's no telling where the show will go next. This week was no different. Earn and Van attended a Juneteenth party where Van thinks is a perfect place for her to start networking. Clearly, out of their element Earn and Van pretend to be a married couple who enjoy the finer things in life. They interact with the hosts and others attending the party in a variety of hilarious ways. The evening ends when the hostess of the party finds out that Earn is a manager for a hip-hop artist named Paper Boi. Earn ends up going off on the two hosts and leaves with Van. The show does a fantastic job at depicting the different types of stereotypes in the African American community. The show does a great job at putting the characters in very real and often very awkward situations. The characters react to these moments in real ways that don't feel forced at all which makes the show's humor genuine. Every episode introduces us to a new unforgettable character or moment that stands out.

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Throughout the last season and a half of Arrow, I was only watching out of habit. Season 5 has turned things around for me. Everything I disliked about season 4 was completely removed in this season so far. The new team arrow is trying to find out how to work as a team. Oliver is a strict leader on them, but the team still doesn't feel like a unit. Team building is put on hold when Oliver discovers Diggle is in a military prison for a crime he did not commit. Team Arrow attempt to stop Oliver from breaking Diggle out. Stopping Oliver doesn't go well for the team at all. Oliver manages to get his long-time friend and partner out of prison, but because of his absence, Team Arrow takes a severe loss. 
How will the team rescue wild dog? Will Diggle offer the new team Arrow members some advice on how to work together? We'll find out on the next episode of Arrow! 

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The Real World is back once again for its 32nd season. Real World Seattle: Bad Blood might be the first time I've watched the Real World in at least ten years. I hate most reality shows because I don't like the fake tension the shows producers fabricate. This time it's different, Real World Seattle: Bad Blood is putting fourteen people who have actual issues within the same house together. The first night of the show featured the old classic formula seven people enter the house and meet each other for the first time. It's clear to see which cast members are laid back and which ones will be a problem. It doesn't take long for these problem cast members to cause trouble. The cast members know there is a twist coming, but never know when it will happen. Until the day seven more housemates greet them from their past. Cousins, sisters, Exes and former best friends are all together. It doesn't take long for people to be at each other's throats. With only four episodes in things can only get wilder. Friendships and romances in the house will flourish while the bad blood of some of the cast mates will remain.

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Legends of tomorrow are the time traveling team of the Arrowverse. This spin-off to the popular shows Arrow and Flash maybe the most important show in the Arrowverse right now. Time travel stories allow the team more flexibility when it comes to which adventures they go on next, which adds tons of fun to the show. The last episode ended with the Reverse Flash killing the leader of the JSA Rex. Rex's final words to his team member Vixen were "time traveler." So, you can guess who she went after. Vixen attacks the legends one by one on the time ship. Vixen subdued by Nate who thanks to Ray's modified formula recently developed powers. Nate is not in full control of his powers and to test them out Ray uses his Atom suit to attack Nate. The attack causes them to damage the time ship and the two fall into the time stream landing in feudal Japan. The legends and Vixen join to rescue their stranded teammates. Unfortunately, Ray's Atom suit falls in the hands of a Shogun. The team works together to protect a village and get the Atom suit back.  
What message did the future Barry Allen send to the team? What are Reverse Flash and Damian Darhk planning? Will Vixen be a permanent member of the team? Can Nate learn to control his powers to be useful in the field? All questions that will be answered as time goes on!

  I've recently started watching Dragon Ball Super. I was a huge fan of the Dragonball and Dragonball Z series. I binged watched all the available episodes of Dragonball Super. I love this series. The Dragonball series does a great job at creating new legitimate threats for the fighters. This time the Super Saiyan Gods must take on two real gods. One God who has the body and the power of a Saiyan warrior and the other has immortality. It seemed that the fighters were gaining the upper hand until the two opponents decided to fuse together. Now if you don't know about Saiyans or how the Dragonball series deals with immortality, allow me to explain it to you. Saiyans come from a warrior race and because of this anytime they have healed from an injury in battle their power level increases. Being immortal in the Dragon Ball series doesn't just mean you can't die it also means you're instantly healed from damage. So, this means the more damage Goku and Vegeta inflict of the enemy the stronger it will become. By far this new foe is one of the toughest fights Goku and Vegeta have ever faced, and I don't know how they will prevail, but I know somehow they will win. 

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