Sunday, November 6, 2016

Weekly TV Recap

My weekly television recap where I talk about all the shows I watch throughout the week.

This week's episode was definitely action packed. J'onn J'onzz finds out that the other remaining Martian in the universe is fighting in an underground alien fight club. Of course, Supergirl and the DEO try to put a stop to it which turns out to be much harder than they thought. While that's going on Mon-El is trying his best to get outside for some fresh air. He tricks Winn into taking him out for a while night of drinking. Getting a powerful alien around a bunch of drunk people what could go wrong. The big reveal at the end of the episode showed us that M'gann M'orzz is n't who she says she is. M'gann is a white martian. White Martians enslaved and killed all of the green Martians that were living on Mars. Also, white Martians are incredibly powerful, so the heroes are lucky she's friendly. I guess we know why she refused to bond with J'onn now. When will J'onn find out M'gann's secret? How will he react to this revelation? Will the DEO trust Mon-El enough to let him outside alone soon? All things I hope to find out soon! Make sure to check out next week's episode looks like Jimmy Olsen is tired of sitting on the sidelines. 

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This episode was monstrous. Barry and the team were up against an opponent larger than anything he's ever faced. While Barry and the team are trying to find the source of the monster, an important member of the team was away. Caitlin was visiting her mother and trying to figure out how to cure her of her metahuman abilities. Things don't go as planned; we get a glimpse of her evil side when she freezes a scientist's arm. Barry comes to the realization that Julian (a fellow crime scene investigator at the police department) hates all metahumans. Julian feels obsolete in a world where a man can run at the speed of light. Barry and Julian decide to work together to determine who is controlling the monster. We have discovered the new Professor Wells is not a Professor at all. He is a novelist with knowledge of all known metahumans from his Earth. Working together Barry and Julian figure out the monster is just a hologram created by a kid who is tired of being bullied. The Flash stops Julian from accidentally shooting the boy; this helps to change Julian's mind about metahumans. Will this Barry and Julian bromance continue? Will Caitlin Snow become the villain Killer Frost? Will Joe finally go on a date with the DA? We'll find out next time on The Flash!....and as Hipster Wells would say...

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Atlanta has been such an incredible series. Every episode this season has been absolutely phenomenal. Each episode has a dozen quotable lines. Atlanta has figured out the perfect way to make the characters feel real. They are put in these moments that are both normal and abnormal. In a crazy world where there is a rapper with an invisible car; everything still feels grounded. Earn,Van, Paper Boi, and Darius are all such dynamic characters and in just ten short episodes it feels like they're apart of the viewers lives. Unfortunately production on the next season of Atlanta will be delayed until late 2017, so until then we'll just have to wait. With all ten episodes finished Atlanta came and went faster than a shady club owner...

Team Arrow 2.0 has arrived. With Diggle back by Oliver's side, it feels like old times. The team comes together for an important mission rescuing Wild Dog. The team successfully gets Wild Dog from Church, but there was one small problem. Wild Dog endured hours of torture, and because of this, he told Church who Oliver is. Oliver must stop Church for good tonight or risk the world knowing who he truly. Thankfully Diggle knows just the man to call in a situation like this "The Human Target." The human target takes three bullets in the chest while wearing a mask that makes him look identical to Oliver. With the Mayor in critical condition and the Arrow still running around the city no one would suspect a thing. Team Arrow 2.0 launch an assault on Church which ends in his capture. Church's failure costs him his life. Who is this new masked archer in the city? How long will Team Arrow 2.0 be around? Is this the last time we'll see the human target? And will any superhero team have a secret base?

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Looks like things at Real World Seattle: Bad Blood are starting to heat up. Mike seems like he enjoys stirring the pot between the many cast members; while at the same time trying to get into Jordan's bed. The more Mike tries, the harder things seem to get (no pun intended). Theo still refuses to speak to his cousin Kassius. It looks like its going to take a lot to get these two to start talking to one another. All of the cast members are trying to bond with one another by going out for a girls and guys night out. The girls had way more fun together, but my only question was where was Tyara? Does she hate Kim that much that she couldn't stand to be around her for a few hours in a club? I guess it's not going to be any better living in the same house.

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The episode of Legends of Tomorrow was intense. The team is transported back to 1863 the civil war. A virus from the future has infected the Confederate soldiers turning them into zombies. Not only that a Union soldier died on his way to retrieve some vital information about the enemies' next move. The soldier was African American, so Jefferson decided to take his place. Sounds like an easy mission until you remember it's 1863 and he's in the south. Jefferson comes face to face with several slave owners, and get treated like a slave. Jefferson is waiting to be rescued by Vixen. Sara and Nate are trying to help the Union soldiers fight off the zombie threat. Back on the ship Ray and Stein are attempting to cure Mick who was infected by the future virus. Vixen finally rescues Jefferson, and they free all of the slaves on the plantation, and unfortunately all of the slave owners were ripped apart by the zombies. Sara comes up with the idea of using dynamite to kill all of the zombies. Nate detonates the dynamite, and thanks to his steel skin he was protected from the blast. Ray discover the solution to reverse the future virus. It's good to see Ray is still a useful member of the team even without his suit. 

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Vampire Diaries has entered the final season. Things can't get any worst for our favorite vampires. Damon and Enzo are both being used by the evil Sybil. She's invading their minds and forcing them both to do her bidding. It's not enough that Damon and Enzo are under her control, she wants them to both be mindless, emotionless machines. Damon has already turned his humanity off, so all that's left is Enzo. Sybil looks into Enzo's mind and sees he loves Bonnie, and of course, she finds a way to use this against him. She orders Damon to find and murder Bonnie; if Enzo doesn't turn his humanity off.
Sybil forces the two to fight to the death. Luckily Alaric arrives just in time to stop Sybil from controlling the two vampires. It looks like Sybil still has some psychic connection left with Damon and with his humanity turned off there's no telling what he may do next.

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Dragon Ball Super "Future" Trunks saga has been incredible. We got to see the awesome father-son Galick Gun from Trunks and Vegeta. As soon as I think Goku and Vegeta are the two strongest beings in the universe, someone comes along to challenge them. The fusion Zamasu has proved to be a much greater threat than anything they have ever faced. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks are trying their best to hold Zamasu off, but he is simply too powerful for them. The fighters know what they have to do, but I don't think the hot-headed Saiyan prince will want to do it. 


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