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Weekly TV Recap

My weekly television recap where I talk about all the shows, I watch throughout the week.

Before I get started, I have to talk about the epic four episode crossover event Heroes vs. Aliens. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow, all team up to stop the alien threat. I have so many questions about how any of this happens. Has Supergirl's earth finally joined the Arrowverse? We'll see very soon the crossover event begins Monday, November 28th with Supergirl. 

I enjoyed this episode of Supergirl. The episode was full of action and emotion. For the last few episodes, Alex has been struggling with how to accept that she is a lesbian. Alex finally tells Supergirl she's a lesbian. Supergirl takes the news well and starts to think that she hasn't always listened to what's going on in her sister's life. Supergirl continues to try to train Mon-EL in hopes that he will use his powers to protect the world. Mon-EL wants to use his powers for many different reasons. Supergirl and Martain Manhunter tried to go up against an alien parasite. The parasite absorbs the powers of others and leaves them in critical condition. With Supergirl and Martain Manhunter down the only defenses left in the city are Mon-EL and the new hero Guardian.  

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This episode of the Flash focused more on team flash than the metahuman threat that was wreaking havoc on the city. Wally is still getting visions of his flashpoint life because of Alchemy. Wally wants to be kid flash so bad at this point; it feels like he's ready to do anything. While all of this is going on, Caitlyn finally tells the team she is a metahuman. This is a shock to the rest of the team, and Caitlyn feels like she has no choice, she has to leave the team. Of course, no one on the team feels that's a good option. For now, they will deal with her powers, and try to figure out a way to prevent her from becoming killer frost. The team comes up with a plan to track down Alchemy by using Wally as bait. Wally is drawn to Alchemy, and finding him was a simple task. When Barry finds Alchemy, he also discovers that there is a new threat that only he can see, another speedster who is much faster than he is.    

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Scream Queens is such a funny show I love it. If you've never watched this show before you definitely should. It is a comedy version of American Horror Story. It mixes elements of classic 80s slasher movies with comedy. The most recent episode was no different. The Chanels have decided to invite more Chanels into the group. The Chanel #6-8 are bait, so the "Green Meanie"  won't kill Chanel #1, 3, and 5. Chanel #1 released Hester from her cell and allows her to live in the house. Everyone thinks this is crazy because Hester tried to kill them all last season, but Chanel feels the best way to defend themselves from a crazy person is to have a crazy person on their side. Makes sense right. Hester knows who the killer is, but she is refusing to tell anyone because that's not how things work. At the same time, Zayday and Chanel #5 are trying to track down the son of the man they believe the Green Meanie. At the end of the episode, we find out that Doctor Cassidy is the son.

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OMG!!! I'm so happy one of my favorite shows is back again. It's the final season of Teen Wolf, and I'm both excited and sad. I was blown away by the season premiere. Scott and Stiles are still trying their best to protect the town from evil doers. It isn't too long for them to come to the realization that the town might not need them anymore. Of course, them saying this guarantees something big is about to happen next. Supernatural threats have always been a part of the show, but this time the pack is up against something they've never faced before.  The Ghost Riders have erased Stiles from existence. No one remembers who he is and I have no clue how he will come back. The pack has to do everything they can to try and remember.

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This episode was all about perspective. Team Arrow 2.0 is up against the murderous vigilante. The vigilante is killing criminals in the city, and most of Team Arrow don't disagree with what he's doing. Oliver has changed his ways he no longer kills people who have failed his city. The team feels that Oliver is a bit hypocritical. Is getting rid of bad people such a bad thing. I enjoyed the flashbacks during this episode. Oliver learns that he's not working on the good side while in Russia. Bratva has been using Oliver because of his skills and Oliver now must figure out what to do next. In the present day, Team Arrow decides to rob a bank to lure out the vigilante. The vigilante proves to be a tough opponent for them and evades capture. We find out some shocking information. Artemis is a traitor. Will the team figure out she's working with Prometheus? Not only does Prometheus know Green Arrow is Oliver Queen, but he also has a person on the inside that can give him all the information he needs. I wonder what the connection between Prometheus and Artemis is.  

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South Park is just killing it this year. Every episode this season has been phenomenal. This week we saw the new president-elect Mr. Garrison undergo a Darth Vader-esque transformation. He is using his new found power on people who have wronged him in the past. Mr.Garrison slowly realizes that his new job comes with enormous responsibilities. The member berries have used their power to rig the election. They will slowly start to take over the world unless someone stops him. Denmark's Troll Tracer program created a ton chaos. The US government has agreed to give the country's worst trolls to halt the spread of the program. Cartman is concerned that his past comments online will be seen by his girlfriend. So, the only logical response for this is moving to Mars. Cartman goes to find Elon Musk (who voiced himself in the episode) to try to get on a shuttle to Mars. 

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The gang has found themselves back in the old west. They run into an old friend in need of some much-needed help. Jonah Hex was about to be killed by a group of bandits working for Quentin Turnbull. Turnbull wants to create his country within the United States. Turnbull will use the dwarf star to destroy a critical railway that connects the East and West; this will make it near impossible for the US Army to send troops to the West. The team splits up into groups. Sara and Jonah go after Turnbull, Amaya and Mick destroy the mine where the dwarf star's found, and the rest of the team work together to stop the train. With the dwarf star now in the hands of the legends, Ray plans to rebuild his suit and makes Nate a suit with the remains of his destroyed suit. Amaya decides to teach Mick to control his impulsive behavior. Sara tells the team that they need to return to 2016 to help their friends.

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Damon has gone way too far this time. Killing Tyler was already bad enough, but now he's threatening to kill his former friends and his brother. Damon arrived during Tyler's funeral and showed all the people he used to care about all the freshly dug graves for them. Turning his humanity off and being psychically linked to Sybil has turned him back into the Damon we used to know all the way back in the first season of the show. Even though Damon has reverted to his monstrous ways deep down, he has feelings of guilt for what he did. Damon's guilt means he 's not entirely under her spell. Sybil sees this as a weakness in Damon something she will surely correct in the future. Tyler's death left a lot of unfinished business, and in his will, he tells Matt to finish where he left off. Matt now has pictures and information about the two sirens Sybil and Seline. Matt makes a shocking discovery that one of the sirens has been babysitting Alaric and Caroline's twins. 

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This most recent episode of Dragon Ball Super marks the end of the Goku Black saga. Goku Black has been an incredible arc with many twists and turns. Goku and Vegeta proved once again that they are among the elite of universe 7. I'm interested to see where things go next. Now there are two Omni-kings in the universe how will that affect things.This saga also marks a rare moment in the series where Vegeta is stronger than Goku. I'm sure Vegeta will continue his training with Whis, which means we might be seeing Vegeta challenging Beerus soon. I'm a little disappointed though I wanted to see future trunks to stick around a bit longer, I guess having a touching moment with his father attempting to punch him was good enough. I can't wait to see the next opponent that decides to take on the fighters. Rumors on the next arc suggest we will see some universe 6 familiar faces. 


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