Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekly TV Recap

My weekly television recap where I talk about all the shows, I watch throughout the week. Even though many of my favorite shows didn't air this week because of the holiday, this still was a great week of television. 

 Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and the Legends of Tomorrow, all team up in this epic four episode crossover event: Heroes vs. Aliens. The crossover event begins this Monday, November 28th with Supergirl. I can't wait for this team up. It's kind of like having a DCTV movie. I know this event will be fantastic, and hopefully, this is just the beginning. 

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This episode of Supergirl was just as intense as the last, and I have so many questions. Last we left Supergirl; Mon-EL was captured by Cadmus. Mon-EL's attempts to escape were easily thwarted by the real Hank who is now Cyborg Superman. Kara goes to save Mon-EL, but she is captured and forced to solar flare. Solar flare is an incredibly powerful ability that expels all the yellow sun's energy out of a Kryptonian's body. Solar flaring leaves her powerless, and in this weakened state samples of her blood were taken. In addition to Guardian, there is a new vigilante in the city. Unlike Guardian, this new vigilante has no problem killing criminals. The news and police are both attributing these murders to Guardian.Guardian and Winn team up and track down this evil vigilante and clear Guardian's name. Since Winn has spilled the secret to Alex, how long will it take for Kara to learn that James is Guardian? Also, J'onn is hallucinating. The white martian blood in his system is playing tricks with his mind. M'gann's blood is causing J'onn to turn into a white martian. How is J'onn going to reverse these effects, and how will he and M'gann ever repair their friendship.

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So that's how fast the God of the Speed Force can travel. Savitar, the God of the Speed Force, treated Barry like a ragdoll this week. Clearly, Savitar will be the last speedster Barry will ever face because he's just too powerful. Thankfully, Barry had the help of Caitlin and Cisco to prevent Savitar from inflicting further damage to Barry. Caitlin's Killer Frost persona has taken over, and she goes to the CCPD to find one of Savitar's followers. Caitlin doesn't get any information, so she decides to kidnap Julian to help her track down Savitar. Joe feels helpless that Wally is still in the cocoon, and he decides to break him out. Wally emerges out of the cocoon with the powers of a speedster, but he can't control himself. Joe and Barry go to find him and sedate him. Luckily, Wally is fine and has speed just like Barry. Wally can't wait to suit up and join Barry. The team still wants to test Wally's abilities before he goes up against some metahumans. We lastly find out that Julian is unwillingly working with Savitar. 

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Scream Queens does a great job at giving you information and making you think you have all the answers then in the next few minutes you have no idea what's happening. This week the hospital has decided to run a blood drive competition. The employee who collects the most blood samples gets a free trip. Chanel wants to get away, so she collects samples from herself and all of the Chanels. Unfortunately, for Chanel she has tested positive for every STD. So, not only are all her blood samples thrown away, but Dr. Holt is now very hesitant to sleep with her. All this talk about blood and blood types gives Zayday a very good idea. The Green Meanie is someone who works in the hospital, and everyone gave a blood sample. So, if an employee's blood type matches the blood type of the mother of the missing baby's, then we will know who the killer is. Cassidy is the Green Meanie, but he says he is not the only one killing people. He gives Nurse Hoffel her a Green Meanie outfit so she can get revenge on the Chanels for killing her sister last season. There are now three Green Meanies on the loose how will anyone survive.   

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Schrodinger's cat is going to be a major motif for this season. I had no clue that science lesson from episode one would be so relevant. Stiles is gone he's been erased from reality, but his friends are feeling his absence. Lydia has visions of the night the Ghost Riders came for Stiles, Scott has a dream that takes him to the spot he turned into a werewolf, and Mila chains herself up to restrain her from losing control. All memories that are linked to Stiles. While all this is going on more people are taken by the Ghost Riders. Ghost Riders are invisible to everyone except for Corey. Corey has chameleon-like powers and when he become invisible he can see things that aren't there. I guess his powers aren't as simple as they seem. They are able to find proof from one of the taken students. Clearly, Corey is the key to finding Stiles, but just how will that happen. Something that stood out to me this episode was Deaton saying the Ghost Riders usually appear during times of war. Does this mean something major is about to happen next?    

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It's filler time for Dragon Ball Super. Filler arcs are a time in the show between the major story arcs where there're no major villains, and no major fighting occurs. Now, this may sound bad to most, but filler episodes are jam-packed with information. All these upcoming episodes are going to be random. Anything can happen, and from past experience, I can tell you things are going to get weird. These are the episodes to stay tuned for because they can reveal crucial details about characters, their backstories, and what's going to happen next. This episode Goku was trying to retrieve the Dragon Balls to revive King Kai. As soon as Goku summons, Shenron everyone comes out of nowhere trying to get their wish granted. Shenron can grant up to three wishes, and one wish was already used up. Before Goku can tell Shenron his wish, his son Gohan appears with his sick daughter. Goku allows Gohan to ask Shenron to cure Pan of her illness. Now with one wish left Shenron has little time left before he must disappear. Unfortunately for King Kai, Goku runs out of time, and Shenron vanishes. King Kai must wait another year before Shenron can revive him. 


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