Sunday, December 4, 2016

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In the words of Felicity "Best Team Up Ever." I loved this crossover event. It was incredible seeing all of these heroes team up to fight against a single threat, and because of their teamwork, they have been dubbed the "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" (where have I heard that before?). The event starts off slow with Supergirl but picks up speed very quickly with the Flash. Overall, I think this crossover event was perfect giving us the best of all of the shows involved. 

It's only right heroes vs. Aliens starts with a show involving an alien. Supergirl started things off with the foreshadowing of Barry's arrival. It took Barry and Cisco some attempts to arrive on Earth-38 finally. I was a little surprised that Supergirl didn't invite any of the other heroes on her Earth to help, but I guess some of them had to stay behind to make sure Earth-38 remained safe. Barry and Cisco arrived in Supergirl's living room and briefed her on what was going on. With Supergirl now on Earth-1, she meets the rest of the team and shows them what makes her so super. Supergirl proves she is more than a challenge for the remainder of the heroes. The alien invaders "The Dominators" abduct the president. Supergirl leads a small group of heroes on a rescue mission, but the mission ends with the death of the President and the team being mind controlled. Barry has a hard time evading Supergirl's attacks, but in the end, he was able to get her to destroy the device used to control the heroes. 

With the team no longer under the control of The Dominators, they can now form a plan to stop them. Unfortunately, most of the team was beamed up by the alien spaceship. Oliver, Diggle, Sara, Roy, and Thea were all taken to the ship and placed into a virtual reality. The captured team was in a world where nothing was real. Oliver was preparing to marry Laurel Lance (who is alive), Diggle is the Green Arrow, Sara never trained with the League, Roy was just the CEO of a tech company, and Thea is just an average girl. This virtual reality provided them all with their perfect lives. Oliver realizes this is all just a simulation and snaps everyone out of their dilution. It was not easy though the team was up against their greatest foes. They eventually broke through and escaped their pods, and found a small alien ship to escape in. With most of the team incapacitated it was up to the Flash and Supergirl to pick up the slack. 

It wasn't easy for the team to escape from the aliens. They were attacked while flying away from the mothership. Luckily the team was helped by the remaining members of the Legends of Tomorrow Vixen and Steel. They return to Earth and regroup to figure out the next phase of the plan. The heroes are faced with another adversary this time it was the government. Apparently, the government has had an agreement with the Dominators for years. The Dominators see The Flash and his powers as a possible threat to them. To stop the Dominators from taking over, Earth-1 Barry Allen must surrender himself. Of course, the heroes won't allow Barry to make this sacrifice. The heroes plan to take on the Dominators head to head. 

The team decides to use many devices that will neutralize the Dominators, but the devices must be placed on them very fast. Good thing they have the fastest man alive on their team. The heroes all band together and take on the Dominators all across the country. Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Atom, Firestorm, Steel, Vixen, Spartan, Heatwave, and White Canary together successfully defeat the Dominators and are honored by the President as the Earth's mightiest heroes. 

The crossover was just epic. I wished there was more interaction between certain characters, but overall I think it greatly exceeded my expectations. I also loved that Superman Returns reference Roy made toward the end of the episode. Supergirl now has a device that will allow her to travel back and forth between the Earths and communicates with the other heroes. So, I won't be surprised if I see Kara pop up in Star City or somewhere in the timeline.

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