Saturday, December 3, 2016

Who is That Poppy?

So I got tons of questions about the internet's new craze. Who is ''That Poppy"? Well to start off Moriah Perreira better known as "That Poppy" is an American singer-songwriter signed to Island Records known for making eccentric YouTube videos with her director Titanic Sinclair. 

But why is Poppy consider a mystery? Well according to the Internet She's not actually real.. well, sort of. She's a project making parody; some say of real artist you see on the charts. Most people think she's a robot because she's so perfect or even the next Lady Gaga. Some conspiracies say she's a puppet, while others say that she's the queen of Illuminati with a secret plan that we are not ready for, and anyone who pledges to her can join.

After reading that, I'm sure all of you are saying this right now...

But I promise you have NOTHING to worry about. Poppy's just a pop star that uploads unique videos now and then that makes us all laugh. I suggest you all follow Poppy on all her social networks to stay up to date with her story. I mean overall it's just the Internet LOL. 

Click Poppy's Album to directly link you to Itunes.


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