Sunday, February 26, 2017

Comic Book Review: Super Sons #1

When I first heard the news of Super Sons I was really excited for it. I'm glad to see these two team up in their own title versus being relegated to being sidekicks. If you didn't know when DC Rebirth has changed the status quo of the DC universe. The Superman we knew has been killed and replaced with an older version of himself who was sent to another reality thanks to the villain Brainiac. Sounds complicated I know. This Superman isn't alone he came with his wife Lois Lane and son Jonathan Kent "Superboy." Superboy is nine years old and has some of the powers of his father. On the other hand, we have Damian Wayne "Robin" son of Bruce Wayne and Talia Al Ghul. Damian decides to leave his criminal mother and grandfather, and live with his father and become a vigilante.

This issue opens with Robin and Superboy arguing and running away from a robot army of themselves. The scene then cuts to two days earlier. Superboy is getting onto the school bus and notices the bus driver is different today. He asked the driver where the usual driver is, and he's told that the regular driver is sick. Superboy shrugs it off and finds a seat. Some bullies at the back of the bus are picking on a kid, so naturally, Superboy steps in to confront the bullies. Superboy gets them to stop, but only for a moment. As soon as the kids arrive at school the bullies target Superboy and his friends with rocks covered in snow. 

Enraged Superboy's eyes glow red and before he can act the bullies get covered in snow. The bus driver dumped a mound of snow on the bullies from on the roof. Superboy goes to see who this mysterious driver is and it's revealed to be Robin in a costume. Robin wanted to see how Superboy lived, so he decided to go undercover and check things out. Robin puts his disguise back on and later drives the kids home. Superboy told his parents about what happened today, and they were proud of him for standing up to bullies and not using his powers. Meanwhile, in Gotham Batman tell Robin he can't go out on patrol until he finishes his homework. Damian of course, doesn't listen and leaves to go get Superboy. Robin sneaks into Superboy's room and tells him to come out and investigate a break-in at Lex Corp with him. Superboy reluctantly follows, and the two make their way to Lex Corp with Damian insulting Superboy's inability to fly. The pair reaches Lex Corp and is greeted to an unpleasant surprise. Lex Luthor!

This was an excellent introduction for the duo. It let us see the contrast of personalities they both share. I really can't wait to see what these two will get into together and how they handle Lex. 

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