Sunday, February 26, 2017

Justin Bieber Surprises DJ Tay James, in LA at the Launch of “DiamondKnowsTheDJ"

(L) DJ Tay James with (R) Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been working hard traveling and performing for his "Purpose" world tour. With his hectic tour schedule, Bieber has very little time to devote to personal endeavors. So, it was very surprising to see Justin show up to his DJ, " DJ Tay James" launch party. The launch party was for DJ Tay James fashion concept line "DiamondKnowsTheDJ." The line is a collaboration between James and Diamond Supply Co.  

(L) DJ Tay James with (R) Justin Bieber
Bieber in a hoodie and a smile nonchalantly made his way to DJ Tay James and embraced his DJ with a hug and congratulated him on his event. DJ Tay James has been Bieber's official DJ since the very beginning of his first tour "My World" way back in 2010. Bieber's surprise appearance here is evident of the bond the two share. Beiber didn't just stop by for a second, he was giving hugs and handshakes to people in the crowd and jamming to what his DJ was spinning. Beiber has been known to sport the hoodies, hats, and shirts of the lifestyle brand "WeKnowTheDJ," so I wouldn't be surprised to see him wearing some "DiamondKnowsTheDJ" shortly. 

(L) Nicky Diamonds, owner of Diamond Supply Co. (C) DJ Tay James (R) Justin Bieber
Photo Credit: @ashleyurbvn

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