Sunday, April 9, 2017

Netflix Original: The Get Down Pt. 2 Review

After a long wait, we have finally been blessed with the second part of The Get Down season 1. Part 2 featured five new episodes that transport us right back in time to the Bronx in the late 70's. With drugs and crime are at an all-time high a group of boys turn to get down music as their way to escape it all. The five and a half hour journey we are taken on is incredible from beginning to end, and just when we think things are finally looking up everything starts to crumble. Now let’s get down to it.

The second part of the Get Down season one takes place a year after the conclusion of part one. The Get Down Brothers Zeke, RaRa, Dizzee, Boo-Boo and DJ Shaolin Fantastic are doing shows all over the Bronx and making a name for themselves. They're making music, making money, and having fun but of course, this happiness can't last forever. Shao loves being a DJ, but can't leave the street life behind him. Fat Annie gives Shao a club to perform in, which is just a front to sell her drugs in. Zeke is strongly against drug dealing, but Shao assures him it's all just about the music. The Get Down Brothers get deeper and deeper into the world of drugs and have to figure out how they'll ever get out entirely. Meanwhile, Mylene's singer career is taking off in a big way. Mylene's father is using his daughter's success to gain more funding for his church. To further her career, she must shed her church girl persona and get a little raunchy. Mylene has a major revelation and realizes she must break free of the Bronx. 

I absolutely loved the second part of the Get Down. Anytime I watch the show I get filled with the late 70's vibes of New York. Watching the boys go through the early stages of hip-hop is exciting to see. I love seeing the founders of hip-hop being portrayed and enjoy trying to figure out who each character is based on. In the five hours, you will be on the edge of your seat. With a phenomenal cast and excellent soundtrack, you will fall in love with the show like I did. My only issue with part two is it leaves so many cliffhangers. Part two ends with so many characters fate's left up in the air. What is Fat Anne going to do to Shaolin Fantastic? How much trouble is Boo-Boo in? Will Mylene's career continue to flourish in California? How will the Get Down Brothers survive with their MC gone? My biggest question is, when will we get season 2 or part 3? So far Netflix hasn't released any information on when this will happen, but I hope it is soon. The Get Down is such a great show, and there are so many directions the show can go in. Being a period piece I won't be surprised if the show takes a one or two-year hiatus before we hear they're filming a new season.

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