Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Flash Coming Back Tonight!

After a three-week hiatus, The Flash is back. Last we left Barry Allen he decided to travel into the future to finally give us the answer we've all been waiting for, who is Savitar? Until this point, very little is known about Savitar. All we know about Savitar is based on the things Savitar has said to the team. During a battle with Jesse Quick Savitar says "I knew you would come for me… I know everything that happens. I’ve already lived it." From this, we know Savitar is from the future and possibly tried to do this before and failed. Also, Savitar states he is the future flash. Now, this can be interpreted in two ways either he is Barry from the future, or he is the Flash from the future (assuming Barry passes on the mantle). Now it is possible that Savitar is Barry. In the Flash comics, there was a storyline where a blue Barry Allen goes back in time to correct a lot of his wrongs. Furthermore, Barry Allen does send the Legends of Tomorrow a message from far into the future saying he made a big mistake. Savitar can be Barry trying to fix things, or a result of what he's done. Whoever Savitar turns out to be I know it will blow us all away. I'm excited to see what comes next.  

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