Thursday, September 7, 2017

Total Request Live: TRL RETURNING!!!

After years of wanting and wishing it looks like MTV is giving us something we've been asking for. The network has announced Total Request Live will be making its return after being off the air for nearly a decade. “Total Request Live,” the show popularly known as "TRL" to its fans, was on the air from '98 to '08. TRL was MTV's prime outlet for music videos. In addition to music videos, TRL featured daily guests. The show was a popular promotion tool used by musicians, and actors, to promote their upcoming projects.

If you grew up in the late-'90s and '00s, then you probably have fond memories of running home from school to catch everything that was happening on TRL. TRL was a unique music show because it didn't cater to a specific genre. While other shows focused exclusively on rock or hip-hop TRL played the 10 most popular music videos of the day. From pop to heavy metal you could watch a Kanye West video and in the next minute you'll see something from 30 Seconds to Mars. 

Keeping with the tradition the show will be filmed from the original Times Square location. Only this time MTV has revamped the studio so its twice the original size. The new TRL, which will premiere on October 2nd. Unfortunately, Carson Daly will not be the host or any of the other original hosts. Instead, there will be five new rotating co-hosts.

The new Hosts sharing the TRL mic include:

Amy Pham, a DJ, Actress and TV host Lawrence K. Jackson Journalist, Actor, Producer and Television/Radio Personality John Whitfield, aka D.C. Young Fly Rapper, Actor and Comedian Erik Zachary On-air host for iHeartMedia’s 103.5 KISS FM in Chicago Tamara Dhia, Writer, Producer, and Host from Complex.


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