Friday, January 11, 2019

Limited Edition Haru the Konpieto Fairy 8" Dunny Art Figures Drop on

Haru the Konpieto Fairy 8" Monochrome GID Dunny Art Figure Exclusive (Limited to 250 Worldwide)

Kidrobot is going to fill you with joy as we release two limited edition Haru the Konpieto Fairy 8" Dunnys filled with dozens of mini friends.  

Haru is named after the Japanese word for “Spring” and the Korean word for “Day”, and they will brighten your collection in ways you never imagined. Haru is filled with mini GID Dunny friends and konpeitō "candies", a traditional Japanese gift used to thank guests.

 This 8" Dunny Art Figure comes in the pastel GID version and the Exclusive Monochrome GID version (limited to 250 pieces worldwide). 
 Head to now for the release to make sure to get your hands on both versions of Haru the Konpieto Fairy.  Brighten up your Dunny Collection with some glow-in-the-dark candied sweetness at!

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