Sunday, February 27, 2022

Euphoria | Season 2 Finale Part 1

This season finale was broken up into two parts. Last week we saw the first half of Lexi's play. It showed Lexi's relationship with her sister Cassie and Maddie, Kat, and Rue. 

We got glimpses into the relationship between Lexi and Rue before the start of the series. We saw how close Cassie and Maddie were, and we got a closer look into what the wallflower Lexi truly thinks of these people. We saw her sorrow for Rue when she lost her father, her admiration of her beautiful sister, and the praise she had for Maddie's confidence.

 It was filled with genuine heartfelt moments; even though there was a rift between many of the characters, the play began to bring them together. Well, not everyone...

Nate was visibly upset during the homoerotic performance of Ethan and the "athletes." Nate stormed out of the auditorium and broke up with Cassie, and kicked her out of his house. Now Cassie is on the warpath. 

The B storyline of this episode was what's going to happen to Fezco. Fez and Lexi have a thing going on but they haven't made it official yet. He was supposed to be at the play. Fez was wearing his suit and had flowers ready for her, but it looks like he didn't make it. One of Fez's drug-dealing buddies got into a jam and wants to incriminate Fez and Fez's little brother Ashtray to get a reduced sentence. 

The second half of this finale is going to be intense make sure you do not miss a second of it.

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