Tuesday, February 22, 2022


Kraftchenko's JUBILEE (Post Couture) NO SEASON '22 is a punk homage to Derek Jarmans cult film, her homeland Dungeness and a radical satire on the upcoming Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The experimental campaign film and presentation stars her band of contemporary femme queer rebels in London. Escaping the array of underground architecture squat studios, the Artist recalls her own dynamic memory house in a poignant personal line up of her theatre of the domestic in the plague of covid. 

A direct response, psychological & physical development to her past presentations REJECT, MORPHINE & HYPNAGOGIA dictating the reedition subversive avant-garde Ingrid Kraftchenko uniform. Explicit tailoring references to the Phygital mannequin silhouette of the brand termed the Replikant for all transhumans. Infused with her wearable technology, hidden devices and electronic functionality into the garments. Designed to fight hazard and risk and a resistance to heightened capitalist surveillance, pandemics and climate change, which in turn becomes the framework for the bold politcal prints on water & heat resistant technical fabrics, deadstock, theatre curtains and found objects. 

The collection aims to destroy the concept of mass production with the phygital realisation of her Opus 'The Suitaloon' a kinetic life jacket. This concept featured (and thus this is a sequel) to her first digital film KRAFTEKNO for LFW in Dungeness which forms the pilot for a longer dystopian cinematic film to be shot later this year with the BFI. 

As a multi disciplinary brand and political organisation; the self performance is inspired by her contemporaries, collaborators and inspirations of performance artists Alic/e/ex, Rebecca Horn and Marina Abramovic. 



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