Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Mainline: RUS/Fr.CA/DE 01-2022


Mainline:RUS/Fr.CA/DE is presenting the first part of their vision for the year 2022. The collection forges an intimate visual language, while subverting gender expectation 
Director: Karl Felix 
Styling: Alexandra Vincent and Zarina Bekerova 
Director of Photography: Scott Jones 
Producer: Bryanna Kelly 
Sound: Eleftheria Orfanidou 
Hair Stylist: Katsuya Kachi 
Make-Up Artist: Iga Wasylczuk 
Casting: Kyra Sophie, Sarah Benjamin and Marissa Baklayan 
Models: Jang Qi, Vakarė Ste, Jason Gomes at PRM and Andrey Costa at PRM 
Editor: Martin Malnoë 
Assistant Editor: Evan Lunven 
1st AC: Kai Newton 
1st Assistant Photography: Oliver Matich 
Camera Trainee: Kiren Foster 
Production Assistant: Brianna Dennis 
Studio Assistant: Olivia Stewart, Lottie Robinson 


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