Wednesday, October 23, 2013

EyesBright Venus Scerla Contacts

Hey Guys,

I wanted to tell you all about some pretty cool contacts I got my hands on. They're the Venus Mini Scerla Contacts from EyesBright! I know some of you are probably like Scerla contacts... Yeah I'll never wear those! I promise they're not as difficult as you think. They're as pretty simple to put in as they are to take out.These contacts from EyesBright I must say, felt really comfortable, an being that is Scerla contacts is a major plus for me. Even more comfortable than regular contacts. I guess it's the fact it's larger, it rests more comfortably around your eye, not just on the iris. The funny thing about me is, I really love creating outrageous looks, but I sometimes hate wearing contacts because of the uncomfortable feeling of them resting on my eyes. I'll definitely be buying more Scerla contacts from EyesBright! Which I can't forget to add, EyesBright is the first website I saw that had a various selection of Halloween contacts, fashion contacts, and Scerla contacts! I've been wanting to find Scerla contacts for a while, and I'm so glad I found EyesBright! They have every evil blood sucking movie Scerla contacts that you could think of! So let's say you don't wanna buy Halloween contacts, you want a more realistic look? How great is it to know that you don't have to search the web for what you're looking for, and not have to worry about outrageous prices. You can count on EyesBright to give you everything you're looking for. 

How's your Halloween going? Found any cool contacts to go with your look yet? Let me know! I'll love to hear, and see them. 

 “Disclosure: Compensation was provided by EyesBright. The opinion expressed here are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  EyesBright.”



  1. This is amazing!!!

    Kayla from

  2. This is really cool! Please do a tutorial on it! also does it take awhile for the contacts to come since theyre in europe?