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Exclusive Comic Review - Carrie Fisher Tribute by TidalWave Productions

Carrie Fisher, who passed away in late December of 2016 is the actress who best known for portraying the determined, battle-ready Princess Leia in the epic saga Star Wars, is the most recent star of TidalWave Productions popular Tribute comic book biography series. Tribute: Carrie Fisher is released this Wednesday, Feb. 22nd. The 28-page collectible comic book Tribute: Carrie Fisher is written by Michael Frizell and CW Cooke, featuring art by Nathan Webb and Ryan Paule with the cover by David Frizell and presented by TidalWave Productions

I got an Exclusive Sneak Peek into the new Carrie Fisher Comic Tribute by TIDALWAVE Productions. This Tribute was truly an amazing read as someone who has been a fan of hers for years, I've never had a chance to take a glimpse into her life like I did after reading this. Fisher was really a woman who put everything on the table - Unafraid to face her own problems head on. This tribute did a fantastic job encapsulating the life and career of Fisher in an interesting and exciting way. I've gained a lot of information on just how strong, kind, bold, and talented Carrie Fisher was.   

When many of us hear the name Carrie Fisher we instantly think of her as Princess Leia ( Blockbuster hit Star Wars). It was such an iconic role, but did you know she was much more than that. In addition to her lengthy acting career, Fisher was also a bestselling author. Her novel Postcards From The Edge earned her The Los Angles Pen Award and was adapted into a movie that ranked #1 at the box office. In addition to that Fisher was an uncredited script doctor. Fisher was one of the top script doctors in Hollywood and rewrote a number of films including Sister Act, The Wedding Singer, and Indiana Jones Chronicles. Fisher appeared in cameos for a number of films and did voice over work for dozens of TV shows.

Proceeds from the comic to the Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, renowned for its excellence in treating psychiatric disorders.

Tribute: Carrie Fisher is available for your e-reader from iTunes, Kindle, Nook, ComiXology, DriveThru Comics, Google Play, Powfolio, Overdrive, Iverse, Biblioboard, Flipkart, ComicBin, Axis360, Blio, Entitle, Comicblender, Kobo and wherever eBooks are sold.
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“Disclosure: Compensation was provided by a PR firm  exclusively  for Reana Ashley to do a Comic review. The opinion expressed here are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of  TidalWave Comics” 


SAY WHAT?! Mood Changing hair dye

Photography Sya Groosman, Hair Kieran Tudor

We had Mood rings to Mood nail polish and now... mood changing HAIR? Yes, climate changing hair is actually happening. According to an interview with Dazed, data visualization scientist (and witch) Lauren Bowker has invented a hair dye that changes color based on the temperature of its surrounding environment — totally wicked. While messing around in the lab, Bowker came up with her latest project called "Fire." A hair dye that changes color as temperature drops and rises and said to be launched at London Fashion Week in collaboration with her brand The Unseen and Storm Models.

"Yes I've tried it, and yes it works" Said Bowker as she went on to explain how, exactly, her invention works.

When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different color, so it’s like a chemical reaction,” Bowker told Dazed. She also added that she's been working with dyes "that change their structure, which gives you a light refraction instead, so it’s more like a prism color change ... If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue. So what we did was look at data patterns of weathers and the environment in different countries and tailor the color changes to correlate with those."

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89th Academy Awards Fun Facts

And the oscar goes to...

Can we all just flee to Hollywood's biggest night, The 89th Academy Awards (Feb 26 at 7:00 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. PT on ABC). The suspense of who takes home the big award has me biting my nails! Some of these nominations I can't even remember, but thanks to Wallethub they made it easy and fun for us to catch up on the nominated movies we've missed. Bravo, Wallethub! Bravo!


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Stranger Things Season 2 to be released on Halloween

Photo: Dan Winters/Entertainment Weekly

*Sigh*... The wait for Stranger Things Season 2 has us feeling upside down, but thanks to Entertainment Weekly they gave us diehard fans a first look into the sci-fi/horror series. As we all know season 1 had our heads rambling about Barb, but no worries David Harbour (Cheif Hopper) promised to give us some closure in season 2. Get this, there's even a hashtag for the missing character, #JusticeforBarb.

Out of 1-10, how excited are you after seeing that teaser? I know most of you read that and screamed 11! Speaking of Eleven, it has been confirmed that she will appear in season 2. Thanks to Stranger Things Season Two Superbowl Trailer, they gave us a hint that Eleven is alive in the upside down world. 

In an interview Dave Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper, said that Hopper is still struggling with the fact that he sold out Eleven to the government. The Eggos at the end have special significance for him, as Harbour suggests that “maybe he has to find redemption with Eleven if she still exists somewhere in the universe, and he clearly believes she does. He wouldn’t leave the waffles if he didn’t.” 

Stranger Things Season Two Comes out on Netflix October 31, 2017
As you're probably wondering why the famous Dungeons and Dragons crew are wearing GhostBusters Outfits. While season 1 was set in the year 1983, The Duffer Brothers Informed us that Season two will be set a year later making it 1984. As we know the famous Blockbuster movie Ghostbusters came out June of that year. So I see why these Buds would pick these radical costumes.

Don't forget to watch Stranger Things Season Two on Netflix this Halloween. 

OMG Moments from Season Three of Degrassi: Next Class

Degrassi: Next Class Top 10 OMG Moments

Season three was no different from the last. From the very beginning, the season opens up with the aftermath of last season's bus crash. From start to finish the show grabs your attention and doesn't let go. In no time more OMG moments begin to pop up.  I'll be talking about the most shocking, funny, and emotional OMG moments. This goes without saying, but there will be major spoilers ahead.

OMG Moment: Coming Out

Degrassi OMG Moment Zoe Coming Out
Moments before Zoe comes out to her classmates.
Episode: #BreakTheInternet
Zoe is the new President of Degrassi student council. Degrassi has invited students from Syria to attend school with them this semester. Zoe wants to welcome the new students and make them feel comfortable. As President, she decides to turn the LBGTQ meeting room into a safe space to the new students. The LBGTQ students feel they're unfairly treated because of their sexuality and Zoe tells them that's not the case because she is a lesbian.
The LBGTQ students feel they're unfairly treated because of their sexuality and Zoe tells them that's not the case because she is a lesbian.  Last season Zoe struggled to come to terms with her sexuality. This season she comes out in front of the and not only tells her circle of friends but everyone around. This becomes a problem shortly because she still hasn't told her mother she is gay.

OMG Moment: #TBT

Degrassi OMG Moment Lola posts a #TBT of her ex-boyfriend.
Lola posts a #TBT of her ex-boyfriend.
Although I can understand where Lola is coming from, she still definitely violated girl code with this one.  Lola and Tiny broke up shortly before the end of last season (about four months ago in the show's time) Tiny started dating one of Lola's best friends Shay. Lola did give them her blessing, but always felt hurt by seeing them two together. Furthermore, Lola doesn't enjoy hearing how cute Tiny and Shay are together.
Lola decides to post a picture of her and Tiny on her Hastygram and thought it was okay because she was talking about her hair in the photo's caption. Of course, Shay did not take this too well. Lola and Shay go back and forth sending subliminal indirect messages about each other. Chaos ensues quickly, and it leads to a mock trail between the class about on if Lola was justified in posting the photo.

OMG Moment: "As Long As I Don't Wife Her, What's Wrong With A Little Third Base Action."

Degrassi OMG Moment Zig and Esme skip class to fool around.
Zig and Esme skip class to fool around.
Zig and Esme have been seeing each other over the summer, and their relationship has been getting very intense. Esme is a very promiscuous girl and has earned quite a reputation for himself around the school. Zig doesn't seem to care much about the rumors he's heard about her and continues to date her. Things get even more intense when they decide to skip class one morning and fool around in the parking lot. Even though Zig and his friends, often talk about Esme behind her back Zig still really likes being with her.
Esme offers to tutor Zig in math, and while he is away from his phone, Esme gets a chance to look at the group chat him and his friends are having. Esme is hurt by the things she's reading about herself, but what hurts the most is reading Zig's text saying "As long as I don't wife her, what's wrong with getting a little third base action." Esme is in tears when confronting Zig about what he said. She throws the phone at Zig and seeing as she's "Easy Esme" she offers to take a random student to the parking lot. Zig and Esme's relationship is over at this point.

OMG Moment: "Girls like you are ruining it for us."

Degrassi OMG Moment Lola confronts Yael about her video.
Lola confronts Yael about her video.
Yael and her friends are running a youtube channel. They haven't exactly become viral yet, so they are trying to expand their audience. The guys suggest that Yael should film makeup and fashion tutorial videos. Yael isn't must of a girly girl she's more into comic books and video games. She doesn't see why anyone would be interested in wasting their time doing their hair and makeup. Although she hates doing it, she knows it will help generate views for the channel.
While filming the video, Yael loses her cool and decides to rant about the uselessness of putting on makeup and wearing tight dresses. Yael calls girls who care about this stuff dumb, and her rant is uploaded on youtube. The video causes a lot of drama, and the comments on the video are mostly negative. Many girls of Degrassi watched the video and now confronted Yael on why she is insulting women. Yael thinks her video was empowering, but she doesn't realize condescending she is being.

OMG Moment: "Monthly Visitor."

Degrassi OMG Moment Tiny's gives Shay the worst gift ever
Shay is not pleased with the gift Tiny got her.

During cross country practice Shay just can't seem to get ahead of Esme. No matter how hard she tries to run Esme is just always a few feet ahead. Feeling down Shay tries to find comfort with her boyfriend, Tiny. When Shay gets up from Tiny's lap, he notices she left a stain on his pants. She was on her period. Esme couldn't pass up the chance to make fun of Shay. Shay shrugs it off at first, but things begin to get increasingly worst.
Tiny being the caring boyfriend that he is has decided to do something special for Shay and buy her a gift. Tiny bought Shay pads. On the one hand, it's a very thoughtful gift from Tiny, on the contrary, it's incredibly embarrassing. Also, Tiny told her that Esme said it would be a good idea to do it. Hearing this enrages Shay and decides to get revenge on Esme. Shay pours red paint all over Esme's chair ruining her skirt. Of course, this gets Shay in huge trouble.

OMG Moment: "Porn With Friends."

Degrassi OMG Moment Baaz, Yael, Hunter, and Viay watch an adult film together.
Baaz, Yael, Hunter, and Vijay awkwardly watch an adult film together.
Hunter, Baaz, and Vijay decide to have a guys night, so Hunter tells Yael he's sick, and she shouldn't come over. The guys get into an argument about the dynamic of their group being different since Hunter and Yael started dating. Baaz feels increasingly jealous lately because he once had a crush on Yael. Baaz tells Hunter he is lucky to be rich and has a girlfriend. To prove that he is better than Hunter in some aspect, the boys decide to have a contest to see who has the biggest penis and in walks Yael.
Yael is angry with Hunter for lying to her about being sick. The guys tell her they had to lie because they were going to watch porn together. Yael decides to join them, and the awkwardness begins. The guys struggle to watch with Yael as she talks negatively about the movie. Finally, the guys choose to tell Yael what's going on. They tell her they are going to measure themselves, and she volunteers to judge. Which is somewhat awkward for Hunter not only will she see his friend's penises, but it will be the first time she has seen his.

OMG Moment: "Light to dark like a sunset."

Degrassi OMG Moment Lola finds out the results of her pregnancy test.
Lola finds out the results of her pregnancy test.
Lola and Miles have been getting close to each other this season. While Lola, Frankie (Miles' sister), and Shay were having a girls night at Frankie's house, the sexual tension between the two began to bubble over. Shay has Tiny, and Frankie has Jonah leaving Lola alone to herself most of the night. Lola goes to Mile's room to talk to him, and the two end up sleeping together. Lola assures Miles that the sex between them won't change their relationship. Although, Lola's feelings for Miles have grown after having sex.
After a few days Lola, Frankie, and Shay are all in the bathroom talking about having sex for the first time. Frankie pulls out her birth control pills and tosses them in the trash feeling they're a waste because she and Jonah won't be having sex anytime soon. Lola notices the birth control pills and tells Frankie she is taking them in the wrong order. She tells Frankie the pills should be taken "from light to dark like a sunset." Frankie informs her that's not the right order you take them. Lola is shocked by this revelation and realizes she could be pregnant. Frankie and Shay buy pregnancy tests for Lola, and Lola lies about the results to them.

OMG Moment: "Abortion."

Degrassi OMG Moment Lola Preparing To Get An Abortion
Lola Preparing To Get An Abortion
Shortly after finding out she was pregnant Lola decides to get an abortion. She's too young to be a mother and wants to go to college, so the decision seems like the only option for her. Lola wants to keep this a secret from everyone in school and only tell Yael about it because she has no one to go with her. Lola is worried about the aftermath of getting an abortion; will she still be able to have kids, will it hurt, will she feel depressed, and could she die. The doctor explains all of this to her and eases her worries and tells her she's "not even the first sixteen-year-old he's seen today."
After getting the abortion, Lola wants to put the past behind her. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. During her presentation, she projects her phone screen to the class and everyone sees she has been googling about getting an abortion. News travels around the school fast, and Miles finally finds out. Lola never told Miles she was pregnant or getting an abortion. Hearing this news was shocking to Miles. Potentially fathering a child while his boyfriend is in a coma isn't something he wants on his plate right now. Miles and Lola agree to distance themselves from each other.

OMG Moment: "I Gotta Go Home and Change My Password."

Degrassi OMG Moment Frankie Left Crying After Jonah Breaks Up With Her.
Frankie in tears after Jonah breaks up with her.
Jonah has been becoming distant to Frankie. Lately, this causes her to think something is going on. Frankie tries anything she can to get Jonah to pay attention to her more. Frankie buys tickets to a concert that Jonah wants to go to, she dresses sexier at school, she takes a bunch of selfies and posts them on social media, and she even tries to have sex with him. Nothing Frankie does, gets Jonah's attention, and she has a feeling Jonah might be cheating on her with other girls.
Frankie's brother Hunter is a computer whiz, and she asks him to hack into Jonah's social media accounts so she can see what he's been doing lately. Frankie looks through Jonah's inbox and sees he is not cheating he's busy with the play and AA. Frankie was unaware Jonah was a recovering addict. Jonah wanted to keep things about him a secret because he didn't want Frankie to think negatively about him. Jonah felt bad about treating Frankie this way, so he brought her flowers and came to apologize. When apologizing Jonah notices is inbox is open on Frankie's laptop. Hacking into his account was a total invasion of privacy, and he leaves Frankie and tears.

OMG Moment: "Last Exit."

Degrassi OMG Moment Esme and Zig discover Maya on the roof.
Esme and Zig discover Maya on the roof.
The final episode of the season was also one of the most emotional episodes of the whole series. Maya has been struggling to find some normalcy after recovering from the bus crash. She no longer wanted to hang out with her friends or write music. Maya became increasingly interested in death. She has begun setting up morbid photoshoots which began to worry her friends and her mother.
Feeling that she would never be the same again, she decided to get in one of the school buses and take handfuls of prescription medication. The pills took a long time to take effect, and in her dazed state she goes up on the roof. Zig and Esme go up on the roof looking for a quiet spot to be alone. They find Maya motionless laying down foaming out of her mouth. Esme has been in this situation before and told Zig to call for help.

This list contains just a small handful of OMG moments, but trust me season three is filled with more. Check out season three of Degrassi: Next Class streaming now on Netflix.


Netflix Titles You Should Check Out Right Now!

It becomes challenging to find great titles on Netflix you've never seen.

With all the choices available on Netflix, some of the best titles will never show up on your homepage. That's why I've decided to talk about some great titles that don't get enough attention.
November Rule
Steve's somber over the death of his father and doesn't want to get close to any of the women that he dates. At the start of November, Steve comes up with an excuse to break up with his girlfriend. Things are no different this year even though he's having an excellent time with Leah he still enacts his November Rule. After seeing the error of his ways Steve realizes Leah was the woman of his dreams, unfortunately, the chances of them getting back together becomes increasingly doubtful when she begins dating a professional athlete.
November Rule is not a Netflix and chill kind of movie at least in my opinion. November Rule is a well written romantic comedy. Many romcoms tend to be very formulaic and in a sense, November Rule is the same, but November Rule adds in a few unique twists to keep it fresh.
A man returns home to surprise his wife and discovers she's cheating on him. Seeing this causes him to have a psychotic break. He then holds her and her lover captive at gunpoint.
Adulterers' such an intense film. The film doesn't take much time to get into its action. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The movie will leave you guessing until its final moment.
Project MC2
Project MC2 is a Netflix Original about four girls McKeyla, Bryden, Camryn, and Adrienne who each excel in a particular STEM field. McKeyla is a secret agent working for Nov8 and while on a top secret mission she needs the help of her new friends to save the world.
Project MC2 has received multiple Emmy Award nominations, and it's clear to see why. MC2 is a fun show currently in its third season, and I would highly recommend this show for anyone with children or any fan of children's shows.
Another Netflix Original, created by Judd Apatow Love is an honest look at the way men and women view love and relationships. Gus and Mickey show us how tough it can be to build a relationship with someone new.
Love is an excellent series that shows us how these little things at the beginning of a relationship can sometimes be these incredible obstacles. It's fun seeing the characters fall in and out of interest with one another and how each of them has a different approach to winning over the other.
A deaf writer lives in an isolated cabin. She must find a way to combat her masked assailant while being at a severe disadvantage.
It's so refreshing to see a horror movie that doesn't rely on jump scares. The film does an excellent job at creating an unsettling atmosphere. Most of the film has no score and helps to create a sense of vulnerability. If you enjoy watching horror movies, you have to check this one out.
It's A Lot
Shaun comes from a well-off family. He doesn't fit in much with his private school peers, so he decides to enroll in his cousin's college to finally be in the world of girls, parties, and excitement for the first time. To gain popularity, he decides to throw a party at his mansion. As you can imagine things go wrong and Shaun needs to make to find a way to repair his father's prized Lotus.
It's A Lot is a fun British comedy. It's a story we've seen many times before, but It's A Lot keeps things funny. This movie reminds me a lot of many of the teen movies that came out during the late 80's and early 90's. If you were a fan of movies like that, then you should give this film a view.

Hopefully, you'll enjoy these titles as much as I did. Stay tuned to find out more titles you should be watching.